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Nome Sebastian Blask
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I am a developer who's at home in different countries and works and lives in different languages. After switching to Firefox, I started to write add-ons to replicate functionalities that I was used to from Opera. I think I covered the most important ones that were not already implemented by others.

Complementos que eu criei

Simple Form Fill

Enter text into input fields by choosing items from the context menu. New items can be added by selecting text and choosing 'Add to Simple Form Fill' or by changing the add-ons' preferences.

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Skip Redirect

Some web pages use intermediary pages before redirecting to a final page. This add-on tries to extract the final url from the intermediary url and goes there straight away if successful.

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Open Tabs Next to Current

Open new tabs always to the right of the current one.

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Bookmark Dial

Replaces the default New Tab page and displays the contents of a bookmark folder including a thumbnail every time you open a new tab. The homepage is also replaced unless you choose not to. Check out the screenshots

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Tab Deque

This add-on is for you if you miss the behaviour of your computer's window manager/taskbar in your browser. It remembers the order tabs are opened and focused so when closing or minimizing a tab the previously active one gets the focus.

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Minhas análises

New Tab Override (browser.newtab.url replacement)

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Works as it says. However, looking at the code, I saw that the add-on is not cleaning up properly, so if you deinstall or disable, the previously configured URL is still used when opening a tab. Maybe something to improve? (See for how to do that)

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Close Button

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Works great. I am using Linux and have Firefox' title bar disabled to save space, so this is a great way to be able to close it using the mouse.


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Not slightly, but greatly enhanced view image! All the functionality you can think of accessible through the keyboard. There are other extensions like this, but they do only parts of what this one can do and you have to use the context menu or buttons. Have been looking for something like this for a long time. There are two things that I can think of that could be added:

- the possibility to make the choice of natural size/fit to screen sticky for when you iterate through images (see my Image Forward extension)
- the choices of zoom level for the loupe should include natural size. this would allow quickly seeing details in good quality of large images that have been resized to fit the screen. the current zoom seems to be set based on the resized image and depending on the original image size leads to artifacts/bad quality

EDIT: these two features where added in version 0.9.8 and work great. Thank you very much!

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Custom Tab Width

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Worked perfectly before Firefox 29, now it still works, but as Firefox no longer seems to take browser.tabs.tabClipWidth into account, there are no close buttons if the tab width is below 140px(the default), even if usually they are. A workaround for this is to use stylish or userChrome.css to set this:

.tabbrowser-tab .tab-close-button{display: block !important;}

Double Click Add New Tab

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Does what it says. Unfortunately you still need -moz-bindings in userChrome.css to enable opening of new tabs on click in tabbar(not on a tab). But looking at the code, this seems to be a bug in Firefox and not in this add-on. See on how you can set this up.

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Images are loaded or not loaded depending of the settings which can be changed through preferences, button click or keyboard shortcut. However, it doesn't behave like Opera in that if you have load images as default setting, load the page and then change the setting to not load images, the images are still shown. The other way around it's the same, if you don't load images by default, load the page and then decide you want to see the images, you have to change the setting AND reload the page. If that would be changed, this extension would be great, but like this it's not what I expected.


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Does it what says and made the mess of text I had readable.

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Disable CSS

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Does what it says and is simple to use. A keyboard shortcut would be nice, but the button in the context menu does its job.