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Understated easy-to-read elegance Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Really like it. Thank you.

Midnight Purple II

Perfect Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

This was exactly the shade of purple I was looking for, thank you.

I use Google - custom background in Stylish and found a plain dark purple abstract wallpaper, then set Windows 10 color to purple and voila - absolutely harmonising perfection from top to bottom :)

Windows 10(test)

Simple and exactly what I was looking for! Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Wow! I've been trawling through the themes looking for something very simple and with the same accent colour I've chose for taskbar. This is it! Thank you, exactly what I wanted :)

p.s. On re-starting firefox, the text in the tabs has gone blurry for some reason. I'll continue to use it for the colour match, though. Things like that give me such pleasure!

Undo Closed Tabs Button

Keyboard shortcut Avaliado em 3 de 5 estrelas

I haven't tried this addon because ctrl-shift-t will open last closed tab. Continue to enter this shortcut and you can work backwards through closed tabs.

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Twilight Sparkle - Deviant theme

Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Love it. Simple, unobtrusive, but very creative. I already use the Deviant Art Windows 7 theme, so it all coheres very nicely.
Thanks :)

All-in-One Sidebar

Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Great add-on which I've been using for years. Love the Ctrl-b shortcut to open/close. Thanks.

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Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Beautiful, as always with this artist.

App Button Remove

Farewell, ugly button! Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Wonderful, works perfectly. Simple to install, no problems so far.

Thank you ^.^

A theme with a difference Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

Lovely theme which beautifully complements the blue Win 7 theme I'm using atm. I like the idea of tabs at top, really gives the theme a different look, and I also love the leaopard print background which gives it a textured feel. Nice work.Needs a bit of work on right click windows, bookmark save window etc because they are showing as white. Also, the tab buttons don't show the name of the website, just an icon. Actually, I've realised that my mouseless browsing addon is causing the problem with no name in tab button. This doesn't happen with other themes, though, so might be worth taking a look at possible changes. Other than that, lovely, thanks :)


Lovely, legible and warm. Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Lovely theme which looks great with my warm Win 7 themes, plus the sunset picture I use on Google. I like the colours, the 3d effect on buttons, and the fact that it is extremely easy to read tab heading etc.

Only thing I don't like is that the bookmarks window stays white for some reason.

Blue Fox Theme

Blue Fox Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

This is a beautiful theme. I love the colours, and the textures in the toolbars. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is the red x button to close tabs. Please, please could you edit that out; it really spoils the cohesion of this lovely theme for me. Many thanks, though, for all the hard work you have put into developing this theme.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (0.4).