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Torrent Tornado Em destaque

Um cliente torrent para Firefox e SeaMonkey, funciona em qualquer lugar, criado em puro JavaScript sem software binário!

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Synology Download Extender Não precisa reiniciar

An extension for Synology Download Station.
You can send links to you Synology from context menu or direct input.
Watch the download progress.
Clean the finished tasks.
Works with magnet-links too.

A Synology with Download Station is required.

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Bit Torrent WebUI+

Upload torrent and magnet links to your BitTorrent client's Web Interface.
Works with uTorrent, Vuze/Azureus, Deluge, ruTorrent, qBittorrent & Transmission BT.
Compatible up to Firefox 28.x there are know problems with later Firefox versions.

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Magrent Não precisa reiniciar

Magrent converts magnet links, torrent hashes and The Pirate Bay URLs to torrent files. It uses torrent storage services like for downloading torrent files.

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Add a Download link to Synology Download Station.
Manage your active Downloads directly in Firefox.
Support for magnet-links.

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Magnetz Não precisa reiniciar

Converts Torrentz (,, links to magnet URIs automatically, so you don't need to visit the respective sites for the torrents or magnet links. It can also be forced to run on any site by clicking the toolbar button.

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Nyaa Magnet Links Não precisa reiniciar

Add magnet links on NyaaTorrents

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Open Magnet from InfoHash

Select InfoHash or base32(InfoHash) or Magnet, right-click and choose "Open Magnet from InfoHash" in the menu, a magnet will open.

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Generates magnet links for torrent sites, letting you pull the torrent out of the swarm without downloading it from the website

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Magnetic Não precisa reiniciar

Open all magnet links in all tabs with a single click!

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Torrent Server Handler

With a single click, submit a torrent to your TurnKey Torrent Server for downloading. Torrent Server is a free file server + file sharing package that can be used to centralize handling of all types of file downloads (torrent, e2dk, ftp, web, magnet)

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SpeedTao Download Helper

SpeedTao Download Helper passes URLs to SpeedTao downloader app.

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