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Nome Rudolf Noe
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Utilizador desde March 5, 2007
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Execute JS Reinício necessário

Execute JS is a enhanced JavaScript-Console, where you can comfortably enter and execute arbitrary JavaScript-Code and modify functions...

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4 059 utilizadores

Mouseless Browsing Reinício necessário

Mouseless Browsing (MLB) enables you to browse the web entirely with the keyboard. The basic principle is to add small boxes with unique ids behind every link and/or form element. You just have to type in the id to trigger the corresponding action i....

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas (116)
2 856 utilizadores

Customize Your Web Reinício necessário

Customize Your Web (CYW) let's you customize your favorite websites with just a few clicks. What Greasemonkey is for developers is CYW for non-developers. You can remove/rearrange /modify elements, add keyboard shortcuts and do many other things.

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas (78)
1 539 utilizadores

Highlight Focus Reinício necessário

Highlight Focus highlights textfields, selectboxes and textareas when getting focus with an configurable background and/or border color. Due to the fact that FF sometimes need a little bit time to start blinking the cursor this extension supports...

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10 utilizadores

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Bottom Error Console

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Thank you! Saves me so much time!

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