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Thundersomething Reinício necessário

Changes the product name in various parts of Thunderbird for everlasting naming fun.
Make your Thunderbird wear a new mask every time.

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113 utilizadores
Adicionado July 22, 2008


UnMHT allows you to view MHT (MHTML) web archive format files, and save complete web pages, including text and graphics, into a single MHT file in Firefox/SeaMonkey.

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93 258 utilizadores
Adicionado July 8, 2008

RvrtRip Reinício necessário

This add-on gathers information from the Belgium public radio station website(VRT) for searching music/festivals and radio programs.
In addition to the VRT website, it's possible to download the streams to disk so you can listen with your mp3player.

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Adicionado July 7, 2008

XPCOMViewer Reinício necessário

XPCOMViewer is tiny tool for exploring XPCOM components.

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276 utilizadores
Adicionado July 2, 2008

Clean Subject Reinício necessário

"Clean Subject" cleans the subject from multiple occurrences of subject prefixes such as ("Re: Re-2: Re:") and postfixes that are inserted by other clients. Words like "[SPAM]" can be cleaned as well. These prefixes can be defined in the preferences.

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3 617 utilizadores
Adicionado June 25, 2008

Tv program Reinício necessário

Rozsirenie zobrazuje televízny program obľúbených staníc vo forme prehľadných výpisov, upozornení a bublinových info.
Lokalizacie: sk, cs, hu, en

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50 utilizadores
Adicionado June 17, 2008

Unifinder Views Reinício necessário

Add more views to the unifinder (event list) in Sunbird and Lightning.

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8 utilizadores
Adicionado June 11, 2008

Tea Timer Reinício necessário

A countdown with reminder to prepare a perfect tea.

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2 071 utilizadores
Adicionado June 3, 2008

Force RTL

Force a LTR locale to behave as if it was a RTL locale.

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203 utilizadores
Adicionado May 30, 2008

Developer Assistant Reinício necessário

A suite of tools for developers.

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2 544 utilizadores
Adicionado May 29, 2008

SMTP Control Reinício necessário

SMTP Control is a Thunderbird Add-ons offering dynamic selection of outbond SMTP server while sending a message.

By default thunderbird offer the ability to define a list of SMTP servers. With one global default server for all email accounts or one ...

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1 200 utilizadores
Adicionado May 24, 2008

Google Contacts Reinício necessário

Access to Google contacts and synchronize them with Thunderbird address books.

Avaliado em 3 de 5 estrelas (316)
33 532 utilizadores
Adicionado May 18, 2008

Look Up in Dictionary Reinício necessário

Looks up a selected word in OS X's Dictionary.app

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2 091 utilizadores
Adicionado May 14, 2008

Yet Another Remove It Permanently Reinício necessário

Remove elements and block content on Web pages.

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2 250 utilizadores
Adicionado May 6, 2008

Muttator Reinício necessário

Make Thunderbird behave like Vim

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1 050 utilizadores
Adicionado April 30, 2008

Auto Address Cleaner Reinício necessário

Removes comment, display name automatically from addresses before sending mail.

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas (51)
16 458 utilizadores
Adicionado April 29, 2008

Open Addons Reinício necessário

Open Add-ons window with one click.

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72 utilizadores
Adicionado April 26, 2008

Electoral College Monitor Reinício necessário

This extension will keep you up-to-date with the 2008 Presidential election. It also tracks the Senate and House race.

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4 utilizadores
Adicionado April 23, 2008

Select Address Book Text Reinício necessário

Copie e cole um nome, número de telefone, endereço e outro texto a partir do livro de endereços do Thunderbird rapidamente e com apenas um clique.

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas (41)
5 598 utilizadores
Adicionado April 20, 2008

Forward Reinício necessário

Adicionar a opção Inline / Como anexo ao botão Reencaminhar e ao menu de contexto da mensagem

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas (24)
4 205 utilizadores
Adicionado April 15, 2008