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Porque é que o MR Tech Toolkit foi criado?

Like most developers and users I find missing features annoying, equally annoying are features that are removed. I've created, mashed up, co-authored and revived several extensions. First for my own use, secondly for the user community and lastly to optimize the code and give the best experience possible.

My extensions range from meta-tools that help manage add-ons like MR Tech Toolkit, to visually appealing one like CuteMenus and Splash, to blog/posting ones like BBCode and Link Wrapper.

I've learned a lot from the developer community here at Mozilla and hope you appreciate the many many hours I've spent trying to make everyone's browsing experience enjoyable.

O que há a seguir para MR Tech Toolkit

Several key features need reviving and I'm looking forward to revamping several sections to take advantage of the new Firefox 3.x feature sets, stay tuned.

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