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This useful app has been deactivated with the Firefox 57 update.
Might it one day be made compatible with Firefox Quantum?

do not work,can not log in Avaliado com 1 de 5 estrelas


Can't log in Avaliado com 1 de 5 estrelas

Can't log in, piece of crap.

Won't let me login Avaliado com 1 de 5 estrelas

Doesn't work. Uninstalled

Not working Avaliado com 1 de 5 estrelas

have been using this extension for years and loved it. Had to reinstall Firefox and re Installed this extension. Now it's not working at all. Not even able to log in using username and password. Totally useless.

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Does not work as of 4 September, 2016 Avaliado com 1 de 5 estrelas

Why make this an add-on option when it does not work in any fashion? You have wasted a lot of my time - just take it off the add-ons list until it is fixed. And no, I will not contribute to support something which is useless.

Why do I have to login everytime I open Firefox? Avaliado com 2 de 5 estrelas

Does not remember user name or password.

Not working anymore Avaliado com 1 de 5 estrelas

No more notifications about new mail and seems not connecting to the Yahoo servers automatically. Can't use this addon.
Before it was a great solution for Yahoo Mail but now it's just not working :(
Please fix!

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Notifies me but I can't go to yahoo mail directly.

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This add-on, which I got to replace Yahoo Messenger (which stopped this service with no warning) only works until the next reboot.
It then has to be downloaded again!
How hard would it be to stay active?
When it works, it's fine, and I have no other problems,such as are mentioned below.

A great extension gone bad .... VERY BAD! Avaliado com 1 de 5 estrelas

I've used this extension for many years without any troubles but things have changed for the worse since Yahoo has become the default search engine in Firefox. Now Yahoo! Mail Notifier opens up a new tab in front of my default opening page. Before I can even use my browser I have to go through a number of questions to open a yahoo page that I don't want to view. Yahoo has hijacked my default home page! What is this nonsense? It's is so irritating having to deal with this cr_p. As soon as I found out this extension was at the root of the problem I immediately removed it. Furthermore, I'm even considering dropping Yahoo as my mail client for GMail. I think a lot of folks using this extension will dump it in order rectify this very annoying problem. The people involved in this would be well advised to change it back to the way it was.

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Please fix! Avaliado com 3 de 5 estrelas

Same here. Used for years but recently it keeps opening a new tab alongside my main yahoo page and prompting me to log in every time i open the browser. :(

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I finally got annoyed by this cr@##y plugin popping me up after every browser restart so I uninstalled it.

Boy was I suprised to find that it completely wiped every password in my browser.

Don't install it.

Annoying Log In Tab on Browser Boot Up Avaliado com 2 de 5 estrelas

As others have noted, each time Firefox is booted up, a log in tab appears (in addition to other home page tabs) indicating the first attempt to log into Yahoo wasn't successful. Once I reenter my log in information, all is good but having to do this each time I boot up Firefox is rather annoying. Please fix and you will again be the #1 Yahoo mail checker for Firefox.

love this addon but like others has recent issues Avaliado com 3 de 5 estrelas

if fixed i will update review. opens a new tab for the yahoo login screen every time. if i exit that tab and then click the add-on i am logged in. thus there is no need to prompt me every time i start Firefox to log in. please fix this. other than that it works.

Always a must have app for me, unfortunately it has some recent issues Avaliado com 4 de 5 estrelas

This and gmailchecker are the first addons I install on a fresh firefox. Currently this addon opens up a new tab all the time on browser start with a yahoo login page. Can we get this resolved?

Yahoo! Mail Notifier - still works for me Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas

I am on pale moon v25.1.0. This add-on (latest version - 1.7.4) still works. However, there is one little issue. Yahoo log in screen comes up when my browser is started. If I disable YMN, I never see that log on screen again. Right now I'm putting up with the log in screen because I like the add-on.

This issue also happens on Firefox v35.

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It is/was a great add-on. Has done it's job for years. The only thing I would have liked to have seen it better account switching.

(I can confirm that yahoo has broken the add-on. Check the support/bug page for details.)

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As of today, it's useless. 1.074 (or older) do not log in to yahoo.