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Nils Maier

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Porque é que o DownThemAll! AntiContainer foi criado?

A lot of users asked for a way to have DownThemAll! process contained pages to fetch the real content.

Finding out what image or link on such a container page is actually the "content" is a non-trivial task.
The easiest solution seemed to be implementing custom rules for popular sites.
I finally opted to implement this idea not in DownThemAll! itself, but in an extension to DownThemAll!. This way AntiContainer does not depend on the release schedule of DownThemAll! and vice versa.

O que há a seguir para DownThemAll! AntiContainer

I plan to add various new features and new plugins to AntiContainer over the time. Right now I'm thinking along the lines of:
* "Building" new plugins the easy way, by Point-and-click instead of having to write some JSON code yourself.
* Making plugins more powerful, especially the Sandbox type.
* Promoting the Web-Install functionality and adding plugin (list) subscriptions.
* And of course adding more plugins for popular services.

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Nome Nils Maier
Localização Germany
Ocupação Student / Freelance
Página inicial https://tn123.org/
Utilizador desde March 5, 2007
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