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ConvertMyCurrency Reinício necessário

Contextual currency conversions. This is in fact Will Moffat's ViewMyCurrency extension under a different name.

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63 utilizadores

EzStylist Reinício necessário

Allows including CSS when composing e-mails.

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Cache Status

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I have disabled disk cache from about:config, and the extension displays the same values for the disk and the memory cache. Disabling the disk cache is probably not very widely used by the average Firefox user (I'm trying not to kill my SSD prematurely), but I'd expect it's something that people who write an extension specifically for cache monitoring should be aware of.

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Print Edit

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I find myself using this extension almost every time I want to print a web page. However, one constant source of frustration is the fact that you have to constantly – and blindly – hunt for containers. For instance, if you want to remove a section, you typically have to either select and delete each individual paragraph, or to keep hovering the respective section looking for one single element that contains the whole thing.

I think it would be great if the extension offered the ability to select the last selected element's parent using keyboard shortcuts (e.g. arrow up), paired with the ability to undo that action (arrow down?). This is a really low hanging fruit, and it would certainly remove a long-standing source of frustration.


If my understanding is correct, I think (2) would be confusing for users, in the current GUI paradigm – and (3) would be impossible to implement. The way I understand the interface, the currently highlighted element is the element with a solid red border, whereas all currently selected elements have dashed red borders. I see solid red borders only while hovering over elements – those turn to dashed red borders as soon as I click on an element. If that's correct, I don't think one could change the currently highlighted element using the mouse to click on buttons, because that would change (or most likely void altogether) the currently highlighted element, before one even gets to the buttons.

The way I'd implement it would be like this: I'd change the border color for the last selected element (say, from red to bright green, which is rarely used); obviously, the last selected element must change from green to red when a new element is selected. Using this visual cue, it would then be easy for people to understand that the green guy can be navigated using arrow keys. Of course it would be nice to expose this feature using toolbar buttons as well. Also, you could use the left and right arrow keys to navigate across siblings; that would be less frequently useful, but it would be easy to implement, it provides completeness, and I'm sure it would come in handy occasionally.

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Mobile Barcoder

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Works as advertised; I had to fiddle with it for a while before I discovered the feature I was looking for (convert selection to barcode), but I won't rate it down on that alone. You should consider providing a brief documentation somewhere prominently, though.

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JavaScript Debugger

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I've been using Venkman for more than five years for all of my JavaScript and extension development, across several machines and operating systems. It's the perfect tool for the job, I have no idea what other reviewers are complaining about.

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Extended Cookie Manager

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Well done, I find it really useful and bug-free!

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