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Music World Anonymous Quick Button

A quick button link to Music World Anonymous is a site about helping bands find fans for free!

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SS Ancestry Quick Button

A quick button link to the website,

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Cat Attack Quick Button

Easily visit the site for The Cat Attack Fishing Tournament.

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Solpets Quick Button

A quick button link to the virtual pet site,

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Download Statusbar

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Been using it along time and I love it! . . . NO complaints! :D

Esta avaliação é para uma versão anterior do extra ( 

Status Buttons

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It seems to work from what I can tell, but there is some issues. One thing, there is ALWAYS a white box around the areas where you can drop the buttons. Also with Organize Status Bar 0.6.4 it makes it so I can not organize the status bar with it. It even changes the order back to where it should be on default. One more thing, with All-In-One Sidebar and SideTabby it moves the tabs above the tabs toolbar instead of below (if that is how you want it - I prefer vertical, but that does not work either - you either see it or you don't those are your only 2 choices).