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Update: YAY! I just loaded GlowyBlue for Firefox 4 on Mac Leopard ....and it seems fine, though I haven't put it through its paces yet. I will send screenshots if any glitches come to light. Thank you. Worth every penny of the small support fee!

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Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas

The recent bad review really amazed me: why install a theme he doesn't like the look of? I was glad to see that most of the reviews are glowing, and rightly so!

I really missed GlowyBlue when I updated to Firefox 3.6 for Mac and am delighted to have it back on my PowerBook. Now I can't wait for the update to Firefox 4 for Mac for my iMac.

I love it because it's so different and quirky ...and yes, there are minor probs with some things not showing up properly, but nothing's perfect. I'm a designer and it appeals to my love of detail. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves steampunk and retro 3D effects. The colours are sumptuous! I'll love it even more if you ever do it in violet blue!

Keep up the good work – looking forward to the version for FF4 Mac and would be happy to beta test for you.

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