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New Tab by Yahoo Sem reínicio

This Add-on brings a fresh look to your new tab page, powered by Yahoo. It also provides default Yahoo experience for search and homepage.

Avaliado em 2 de 5 estrelas (19)
232.805 utilizadores

Yahoo Toolbar

Stay on top of the information you care about with the Yahoo Toolbar. Preview your favorite sites, like Facebook, Gmail, eBay and more, from any page you’re on.

Avaliado em 2 de 5 estrelas (384)
1.175.243 utilizadores

Yahoo Search Addon Sem reínicio

This addon helps you set your default search engine to Yahoo

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3.339 utilizadores

Yahoo Mail Notification Sem reínicio

Our extension provides real-time Yahoo Mail alerts and one-click access to your inbox. It also provides an opt-in experience to the users to change their search engine and homepage to Yahoo, if not already.

Avaliado em 1 de 5 estrelas (1)
1.998 utilizadores

Yahoo Quick Info Sem reínicio

Highlight any text on the page and search with one click! Yahoo Quick Info lets you select and search for any word with Yahoo Search, wherever you are on the web.

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1 utilizador

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