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Tumblr Image Sorter Sem reínicio

Prevent spending time on choosing folder and file name when saving images from Tumblr. Automatically select the correct folder and filename for images based on their tags.

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Adicionado September 3, 2015

File Renamer Sem reínicio

Renames the files downloaded from Course Page of VIT Academics

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Adicionado August 22, 2015

PDF to Images Converter Sem reínicio

Convert one or more files PDF to images

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Adicionado August 21, 2015 MP3 Downloader Sem reínicio

Download songs from! Click on the additional button to start your download.

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Adicionado August 15, 2015

Simple URL Blocker Sem reínicio

Blocks URLs by regular expressions. Regular expressions can be entered in preferences, separated by ;
Additional for creating the correct regular expression, you can set a verbose level on this add-on. Output is done to console (info level).

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Adicionado August 7, 2015

Direct Forge

When enabled changes firefox user-agent to google chrome's to allow direct download on sourceforge on installer enabled projects (No web installer).

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Adicionado August 4, 2015

ocDownloader Sem reínicio

ocDownloader Firefox addon allows you to interact with ocDownloader (ownCloud) by adding a simple new entry in the mouse context menu

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Adicionado July 16, 2015

HD Converter (fixed) Sem reínicio

Das sehr gute HD-Converter Plug-in von ehemals in reparierter Fassung. -------
The very best HD-Converter Plug-in from formerly known in a fixed version.

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Adicionado July 7, 2015

McAfee Auto Opt-out Sem reínicio

Automatically opt out of McAfee optional offer when you get a Flash update from

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Adicionado July 3, 2015

Downloads in a Tab Sem reínicio

Open downloads in about:downloads instead of the library

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Adicionado June 29, 2015

فلاش بلير يوتيوب - YouTube™ Sem reínicio

شاهد مقاطع اليوتيوب فقط , من مشغل الفلاش .

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Adicionado June 25, 2015

Image and Flash Blocker panelized

Allows user to block images and/or flash elements on a page. This modified version works as toolbar menu-button.
Original version can be obtained at
Advertizing liks were removed.

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Adicionado May 31, 2015

DirectDownload Sem reínicio

DirectDownload makes it possible to directly trigger a download from the address bar using "Shift+Enter". It also makes it possible to download website link targets using "Alt+Click" on the link.

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Adicionado May 28, 2015

Seedbaz Torrent Adder

.فایل تورنت و مگنت را به صورت اتوماتیک به سیدباکس خود بفرستید

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Adicionado May 24, 2015

Vk Music Sync Sem reínicio

Это дополнение позволяет синхронизировать ваш плейлист в соцсети ВКонтакте с любой вашей папкой на диске.

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Adicionado April 9, 2015

KickAssTorrent Search

Select some text, right-click and choose "KickAss Search" in the menu, a new tab will open with the searched text.

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Adicionado April 8, 2015

JVCReworked Sem reínicio et AdBlock ensemble, c'est possible !

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Adicionado April 3, 2015

Hindi Youtube Video Download Sem reínicio

Easily Download All BollyWood Hindi Video Songs, Movies, Comedy, News, In HD , FLV, Mp4, 3GP And Many Other Formats From Youtube.

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Adicionado April 2, 2015

Best Youtube Mp3 Download Sem reínicio

Best Youtube Mp3 Download can convert any YouTube video to MP3, WAV, OGG format online using any device

If you dont see Download Mp3 Button just press CTRL+F5

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Adicionado March 30, 2015

Telugu Video Download Sem reínicio

Easily Download All TollyWood Telugu South Video Songs HD, OLD Movies, Comedy, News, In HD , FLV, Mp4, 3GP And Many Other Formats From Youtube.

When You Dont See Download Button Just Press CTRL+F5

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Adicionado March 29, 2015