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SafePlay Sem reínicio

Принцип действия плагина прост: при вводе адреса сайта в адресную строку или переходе по ссылке со сторонних ресурсов – SafePlay производит автоматический поиск доступного зеркала и перенаправляет туда пользователя.

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Torrent Scan

Select some text, right-click and choose "Torrent Scan" in the menu, a new tab will open with the searched text.

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Logical Games Sem reínicio

Play following Logical Games
Animation Puzzle,
Gravity Stacker,
Invisible Cursor,
Maze Race,
Peg Solitaire,
Slider Puzzle,
Sliding Blocks,
Spot The Difference,
Tritris(Tri Tetris)

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Netflix Star Sem reínicio

A light-weight, secure add-on that allows you to quickly see your Netflix movie ratings right in the main page without having to hover over any movie images. Super nifty if you want to see your movie ratings quickly.

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Greeklish σε Ελληνικά Sem reínicio

Μετατροπή του greeklish κειμένου σε κείμενο με ελληνικούς χαρακτήρες απευθείας μέσα στο broswer με 2 κλικ!
Για όσους κουράζονται από την ανάγνωση ενός greeklish κειμένου..

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URL Shortener

Make long links and URL's shorter and easier...

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FirePhish Anti-Phishing Extension

FirePhish is an Anti-Phishing Toolbar which utilizes the Open Phishing Database to provide the user with information and tools to protect against phishing...

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Use Webradio.ch.tf in your Sidebar for listening to...

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TSG Navigator

Navigate the TSG...

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Ynet Helper

מאפשר לצפות בוידאו בכתבות באתר
ומסדר את הלינקים

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TiVo Community Forums Menu

Here by request! Navigate the TiVo Community Forums from anywhere on the web using this menu at the top of...

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Emurse.com Resume Quick Send

Quickly send your resume to potential employers by right clicking on any e-mail link and selecting "Send Resume via Emurse.com". This simple extension opens up a new tab with your Emurse.com send page already filled...

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Use OrbThis to enjoy your favorite videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, & more on your mobile device! ...

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manage toolbarpalette items. based on custombuttons idea...

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Thing Fling Status Checker

Check the current products being sold on...

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Development of this addon has ceased. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in continuing development.

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NGI.it Menu

This extension add a menu in the browser window to quickly access to the main areas of http://gaming.ngi.it, an italian Videogame...

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Adds gtaforums.com tags to the context...

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Converts cyrrilic text to latin...

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del.icio.us One-Click Delete

Allows deletion of del.icio.us bookmarks with one...

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