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  • Loved this. Simple and super-handy. Using YesScript2 once this wasn't supported by an updated version of Firefox and it just isn't quite the same.
  • awesome!
  • ok
  • works great for annoying popup sites
  • I love this extension so much! It's the ideal, minimally invasive solution for javascript blocking for me. However it is no longer compatible with the latest Firefox Quantum update. Very frustrating!
  • Not working with Firefox Quantum 57.0 64 bit, alas ! Pity. Possible to have an update, please ? Thanks.
  • I am so excited to find this script blocker! ... As the author says, Firefox is safe enough. Blocking all scrips like 'No Script' does is completely unnecessary and borders on paranoia. Creating an unnecessarily complex and frustrating web experience for the average user... This addon is simple and a pleasure to use. It doesn't break websites by default. You simply choose those websites whose scripts annoy you and presto! you are free of them... No surprise browsing blockages as it leaves all other sites alone until you wish to block them! ... This is how a 'No Script' addon should behave... Anyone can use it. Just press a single button on any webpage you want to block and it's done...

    God I hope the author plans to make this addon compatible with the upcoming Firefox 57'.

    This new addon protocol by Firefox is a pretty controlling venture by so-called open source people.
  • I have no idea how well it will work stopping random scripts from running in the background because after trying numerous times it doesn't load on my computer. I keep going through the same process, but when I look for it in Add-ons, it isn't there. I really need something because these scripts bring my computer to a standstill numerous times a day.
  • i need "comment" and enableCHECKBOX on/off.

    ENABLEcheck(*enableFLG*)......SCRIPTpermitFLG ( deny:on=1 / pass:off=0)

    "URL" + " , " or "tab" + "comment", "enableFLG” ”yyyymmddhhmmss(date time)” \n. 1 record.
    (or Tab-delimited)
    ...YesScript.csv,user.csv(auto save)

    BUTTON FOR INPUT INTERFACE(click button ... auto save ”YesScript.csv”)
    i need button "save list(export)" ,"load list (add import/clear import)" ,
    "sort selected LIST(up/down record)” , "sort URL in ascending"

    YesScript ”read INITIAL file” and ” save AUTO file" is "YesScript.csv"

    i hope, on WEBSITE - right click .... YesScript selected ... open window
    -- checkbox(enableFLG) ,blocksiteUR(WEBSITEL) and textbox(input comment ) ,...click [OK] to auto save.
  • Finally an easy fix for sites that uses java scripts to force you to ad pages that ad blocker can't stop. Also frees up system resources from said pages. Very pleased :)
  • Thanks. It speeds up websites I needed them daily. It stopped unneeded scripts eating CPU.
  • Yessssss! It works great, thanks a bunch.
  • Perfect for my usage.

    Thanks a lot for this Jason.
  • Works great with Firefox and Pale Moon but not so great with SeaMonkey.
  • 5 star if webextension
  • there is any plan to port it in webextension?
  • Simple, small and working! Thx
  • I wanted this to stop scripts on Facebook; however, I now receive a message from Facebook saying I have to disable YesScript to use Facebook.
  • Awesome for those few sites that have annoying Javascript, but doesn't punish the 99.99% that actually work properly. If you add URLs manually be sure to add both the http:// and https:// version.
  • Recommended to be used in addition to ABP (adblockplus.org) to block inlinescript on these sites which abuse to force ads / popup ... The addon is also useful for security and privacy.
  • Selective, instant, on/off blocking of java-script is the quickest easiest way to regain control of your browser and the data you consume while surfing the news! THANK YOU!!!
  • As https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/yesscript/reviews/846450/ points out, it needs things like an import/export blacklist facility.

    And more importantly, it breaks data: pages as used by Privacy Badger to manage import/export of its list.
  • This is good, but it lacks important things: Option to save the list because I created a list on another PC and I can not bring the list created to my PC. A better management of this list, with option to select what you want to delete, edit, sometimes the site only changes the name, so I need to edit the list. SUMMARY: I think the amateur extension!
  • Очень удобно
  • It just keeps asking me to install it over and over in a loop. I think it's installed, but I can't find any blacklist or any indication of yesscript in the toolbar or anywhere else. Either it doesn't work or they don't give the right instructions.