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  • funktioniert nicht und außerdem kann man nirgends hier die deutsche Sprache auswählen.
  • tops
  • Dont work firefox mobile
  • At least for what I needed, it worked great! .... Using here over WATERFOX (64-bit) OSx
  • It'll be better if it support to select a version of Windows when IE's UA is selected, but it doesn't matter that the extension can custom UA string, so I can paste UA string of IE of any version's Windows
  • Best add-on for Firefox. MOZILLA, HEAR ME OUT ON THIS PLEASE: "If you want to compete against all of the websites and services that may in the future, due to the superpower and monopoly known as google, deny Firefox access to certain web pages and services, automatically integrate this into the browser's main code so that whenever a site states: 'Browser not supported', it will always bypass these issues and switch the user-agent to the browser that the site says it supports. Building transforming code from chromium to gecko quantum will preserve Firefox's unique, powerful, better web rendering engine. That is the future for Firefox, and going to college next year, I will learn much about programming, security and computers, preparing me to advance Mozilla as a strong non-profit organization."
  • Illogical organisation of operating systems and browsers. Should be simplified by breaking down the three rows of mobile platforms, browsers, and operating systems to only two rows with the top one being the operating system which includes Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, etc., etc. The second row would then list the possible browsers for the selected operating system. There is absolutely **no** need for a third row listing mobile platforms as mobile platforms are operating systems! Note also the order of the rows, operating systems should be listed and selected before the browser since the operating system determines the browsers that are available under that operating system. I do hope this gets tidied up in a future version since I wish to use this extension as it is the only one that I can find that exist for both Chrome and Firefox and supports overriding per domain.

    In addition there is no "default" option, i.e., an option that returns the real user-agent. This is a must!