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  • Esta apresentando bugs no site https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/pt/mp3-converter
  • Why with new version, UB asks for new permissions: to store unlimited client data ¿?
  • Hi, I'm planning to change this to a 4-star (at least), after you read and responded to this, though!
    This add-on seems to somehow stop Firefox from loading up pages on first launch, i.e. when I open Firefox, initially no pages load up, but when I use "Safe Mode" and then get back to "Normal" Firefox the problem is fixed. I am quite positive that the culprit is "UBO", as the problem disappears as soon as I disable the add-on.
    Hope you can fix this.
  • firefox lädt und lädt und lädt. obwohl ublock bisher der beste war.