Why i didn't found this earlier... Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Great plugin, it saves tons of time if you work with html tables.

A Hidden Gem! Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Wow! This extension is amazing when you have to do anything with tables in Firefox!

I hope it continues to see updates.

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Very useful! Download tables. Change the way tables are displayed in web pages (e.g. sort, etc)

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a must-have add-on for me

Thank you for creating an open source tool rivaling Google's Web Tables Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

This is an important step towards the full potential of a Semantic Internet possible with innovative FireFox OS intelligent agent applications!

awesome tool.. just created an account so i can rate this 5 stars! Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

thanks man.. appreciate the hard work that went into this.. maybe if you get a chance can you please add a "tick" for persistent filters that remain after page load (or next / back links).. that would be marvelous.. but this extn is just amazing.. kudos!

Thanks! This feature had been requested before, but it's impossible to implement reliably: the page could change (some tables gone), the table could change (the same sorted column might have heading change or even disappear), and with dynamic pages, you can't just remember URL and table positions to even find the right table. Sorry but it can't be done ...

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harika bir uygulama. kullanmayan çok şey kaçırır.

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Just want to make a suggestion: add a "TT2 Options" button in FF "Tools" drop down menu. This would make it easier to access the options.

TT2 is a very useful and powerful add-on!

Thanks! However, it's neither practical or faster to put options in Tools. Not practical because there could be many HTML tables on a webpage, when you access "sort" from tools, which table and which column should be sorted? Not faster because many people nowadays don't have menu bar displayed. It takes 2 clicks (with much mouse traveling) just to get to TT2 options, if it were in Tools.

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my son uses it, he says it's great

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works nicely, I use it on may sites that forget to make their tables sortable

Thanks a lot!

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works flawlessly.. :-)

Very good, thanks! Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

A little suggestion: option to flag "table with no headers" (or nonstandard headers, undetectable by TableTools) to sort/filter since the first row.Example with "error" (first row treated as a header):http://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/brasileirao-serie-a/

I'm Brazilian, and pt-BR of this extension confused me.
"Sort/Filter Row starts from clicked row" was translated as "Sort/filter only rows below" ("Restringir ordenação/filtro às linhas abaixo"), should be "Ordenar/filtrar a partir desta linha".
Similarly, menuitem.sort.up.only should be "Ordenar/filtrar até esta linha".

There is actually already a way of dealing with this: Right click in the first row of the table, choose TableTools2->Other->"Sort/Filter Row starts from clicked row". This will allow you to sort the entire table (albeit due to the lack of a proper first row to detect sorting direction, you have to click twice to sort again in a different direction).

My old TableTools addon had the option to allow table with no headers, but in TT2 I thought, why not allow user to set it on-the-fly for specific tables instead of going to Options to change it for all tables? Hence the context menu item.

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excellent add-on! a must-have!

Most Valuable Add-on Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

The main reason I use Firefox is that this add-on exists. Without it, I would consider other browsers.

Thanks for the ultimate compliment an addon could get!

Outstanding table addon!! Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Outstanding addon!!Thank you very much, it works seamlessly, Helped to very easily categorize table data into graphs pictorially. Cheers

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A hidden jewel in addons.mozilla.org
Very useful and resourceful tool. Thanks you very much for this addon!

Un must pour l'utilisation de données issues de tableaux générés en HTML Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

très pratique, menu contextuel intelligent et efficacité optimale pour l'export HTML->Excel

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A fine tool!

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Exceptional tool. Most of the table to csv like tools miserably fail even with slightly complicated html tables, so I used to use xpath to grab html and feed results to excel. TableTools2 gets it right on the spot, one even can do inplace data analysis and charting. Great great great tool.

An unexpected Evernote tool Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

I love Evernote, but it is very fussy when it comes to tables. This addon helps save a lot of frustration, especially if you like to change the way the data is sorted before posting it in a new note. Excellent!