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This little extension does just what it says. However, I have two issues with it, which caused me to subtract a star (I'd have subtracted just 1/2 a star if that were possible).

I don't understand the value of the "Exit - keep tabs" menu item versus the standard "Exit" menu item. They appear to do the same thing. Thus, I think only "Restart" offers value (there may be value in the other buttons; I'm just referring to the menu).

For FF 3.6, there should be no options dialog. There is only one option which controls whether to show the menu items on the File menu or not. Why would one choose to disable the only means to access the extension's functionality without also disabling the extension itself?

Thanks for your review.
About the "Exit - keep tabs", it is similar to the standard "Exit" menu item. However, "Exit - keep tabs" does exactly that: keeps the currently open tabs when exiting, without prompting, and always does it, even if you only have 1 open tab.
The options dialog was kept in FF 3.6 because there are 2 functionalities available. I thought there would be no point in offering the option to disable the toolbar buttons because you can put or remove them from your toolbars as you want. However, if you don't want the menu items you can only remove them using the options dialog, so I keep it showing in FF3.6.