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  • Does what it says : ) I would appreciate a customizable keyboard key combination to turn it on and off.
  • Parfaite extension, que dire de plus ? Désolée, je manque d'inspiration pour le moment. Mais une chose es t d'ores et déjà certaine : je reviendrai. Merci beaucoup pour votre ingéniosité. Bonne continuation !!!
  • All I can say is I LOVE IT! AWESOME!!!! THANKS!!!
  • Very good. Allows defining whitelist / blacklist
  • Please, make a light add-on icon for the dark browser theme.
  • Nice and useful.More,if dragged on Menu Bar it mutes all tabs.
  • Nice to mute all Tabs.
    Can you make a keyboard shortcut to mute all?
  • Multi Monitor split browser tool that works great! Nice job and so useful. I put this by it's self on a part of the browser to quick turn off multi tabs playing audio and it works great! v57.0.2 Thank you i can hear again!
  • Basically good, but for me it doesn't mute tabs with flash content
  • need color option (white)