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Porque é que o Gradient iCool (Blue) foi criado?

This theme was created when I wanted a 'cooler' theme for Firefox. I only wanted the colours black and blue in my theme, and the grey gradients are less preferable. As some of you will know, this theme started off as 'Ozone Black x Blue' in March 2008, at the era of Firefox 2. I tried to use my graphics skills to combine images together to form the Gradient iCool (Blue). As I continued to improve this theme and it is becoming one of the top Firefox themes now. Follow us on Twitter! (http://www.twitter.com/gradientstudio)

O que há a seguir para Gradient iCool (Blue)

In the near future, I want to make this theme compatible with other add-ons in Firefox, and create a better user experience. Also, I wish to make this a customisable theme with more colour choices, more background choices, etc. Finally, I'd like to make this theme compatible with other software, such as Thunderbird, and on other devices, such as on mobile, via the Fennec platform.

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Nome Gradient Studio
Página inicial http://gradients.web.fc2.com/
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Utilizador desde March 16, 2008
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