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Display problems of former version have disappeared, but I read : "The add-on displays an icon in the location bar if a page initiates Google requests." and, although I have tested several sites I know call Google servers I have been unable to observe the 'Google Disconnect' icon appear ...maybe am I missing something.

EDIT : for the sake of truth I have to add this:
I installed 'Google Disconnect' on a fresh new Firefox profile and it ran perfectly. Consequently above mentioned problem is related to the profile it occurred on, a profile with 80+ add-ons, deeply tweaked even if always with caution. Stay tuned :)

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Example sites?

Thanks for the report. Can you give us some example sites where you think the icon should be appearing but isn’t. (Also, make sure you have the latest version, 2.2.0, of the add-on [Tools > Add-ons] and are going to a third-party site, like, that loads Google resources).

You can leave the examples here or at or you can email