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  • Great Addon. Save my all time and efforts..Much Thanks.. :)
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  • This was a GREAT addon. It's now broken with FF 57.0. I'm begging you, please update this add on. I can't live without it
  • This is a great tool. It can grab emails even from a page with captcha. The only thing is the extracted emails can not be exported together with the webpages where the emails are found so that I could know exactly where I get an email address. It will be a perfect tool with this feature.

    Updated: not compatible with the last version now.
  • Best extention
  • I have to build a data base for prospect client, and some times i have to do this job manually (search with diferents search engines and copy and paste) but with this tool i can simplify a lot of job.
    Good work, and thanks for share!
  • A must have tool. I wish you guys had the same type of tool but for URLs that would copy URLs from the content of the page I'm looking at or from all my open pages (tabs). If you have it or ever build it, please give me a buzz!
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  • I have used this for years. It's easy to use and quick.
    Once the emails are extracted I copy them to excel and create my own email data base for what ever project I am working on.
    Thanks for creating Email Extractor.works like a charm.
  • It took me like 7-10 days to collect 3000 mails but with this add on it took me just 5 mins.it disburden my work a lot.I hope the developing team continues their work.
  • Perfect tool !
  • This works in most environments, but not in some. It doesn't work for me in Google, Duck, or Bing search results. If you have trouble, copy the whole browser page(s) to a simple text editor. When you're done, save the file as a TEXT file. Drag the file into your browser, keep your browser focused on the text file tab, then use Email Extractor. It will cull ALL the eMail addresses. It may cut off some email address that have multiple dots after the @ symbol (possibly because of search engine results), but this beats the heck out of many other free solutions.

    If you have iMacros, you may be able to use that to automate this entire process..... I'll update when/if I have the iMacros solution working.

    This is a brilliant add-on; I wish the authors would fix it to work in the search engine's search results.

    If not, maybe they could release the code.

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    To capture all emails, Right click on the Icon. Go to settings , Opt Extract from all tabs. This will Extract from all open tabs.
  • Brilliant extension, but... Most emails cannot be extracted, although they are in the code in the mailto format... Is this a bug?
  • this addon can not work nice with"autopager",, a lot of mail can not be extracted
  • Works great in Firefox 29.
    It has saved me hours of cutting and pasting...
  • Installation sucessful then how do you use it?????

    Why No Instruction included

    Is this in Context Menu?
  • Hello, would like to know how to use this tool.
    Once the add-on is installed and the preferences are set, how do I get the emails of a specific web page?
    Thank you
  • Can this App be adjusted for Android Kit Kat ART 4.4.2 ? FirexFox Beta.
  • Good luck installing it. It does not come up after installation
  • Does what it says, but I think in order to save the e-mails, you need to first select them, and then control c, control v, to paste them to, say, notepad.

    A nice next feature would be an option to automatically have all e-mails saved somewhere, just as they're found

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    Hello Laz

    Yes it makes sense. We'll be including them in the future releases.

  • For you people getting duplicates:

    Open up Microsoft Excel.
    Paste your entire list into Column A.
    Sort the entire column alphabetically (A > Z). This is very important.
    Click on and highlight Column B.

    With Column B highlighted (press the gray B button above the column to highlight the entire column), enter the following into the “formula” box in Excel.


    After the formula is filled in, and with the entire Column B still selected, go to the menu in Excel, and choose: Edit > Fill > Down.
    This will fill Column B with a new, updated list, with all duplicates removed.
    Now, you’ll want to copy that column into a new spreadsheet. “Copy & Paste” won’t work…
    Select Column B, and choose Edit > Copy.
    Create a new spreadsheet, and select Edit > Paste Special > “Values”.
    Now you should have the final, updated list. You can sort it now, and remove blank lines.

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    Hello FlavourD

    That's a GREAT tip for the users. Thanks a lot

    We'll try to add this duplicate email removal in the future releases as well.

    Thanks again :-)