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  • Now I am glad to have supported DownThemAll through Patreon as well as having donated to the older version! Well done Nils! Now also for Chrome!!!!
  • It's Back! DownThemAll based on webextension is finally here with nearly all of the features that made the original DownThemAll so great!
  • Absolutely perfect for Firefox 52 ESR and earlier. After that it's just useless. Missing options in the new version of DTA (such as choosing the number of segments)), the GUI sucks by comparison. Absolutely positively does not accelerate downloads one bit. Mozilla has made it nigh impossible for the dev to maintain the formerly clean interface and function. 5 stars for the older version though. All Mozilla's fault!
  • wg. FF 70: lange drauf gewartet, aber leider leider .. um es mit den Worten des Dichters zu sagen: Ein Auto das nicht fährt, ist überhaupt nichts wert ...
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  • Glad to see this addon is back. It's a great quality downloader and that everyone can enjoy using because it's not complicated.
  • Glad to see this addon working again in Firefox Quantum. It doesn't work exactly like it did before Firefox Quantum for example DTA being integrated into the default download window. Besides that, it does work like it should. If you want to download a file you'll need to either right click a download button and select the DTA options or click the DTA extension in the download page and select the right link. The only problem I have with this addon is if you are downloading multiple files, it can really slow down your computer and lag your internet connection. So be aware of that. But as long as you don't do that, you'll be fine.
  • DTA is not what it used to be , its slow , sluggish and not even integrated to default download window like before
  • Thanks for this plug in addon yoiu made for years i had it i will will have it thank you again.Wish more old plug in re-writen for the new firefox version ther ewere many good.
  • Caused excessive slowdown. I had to disable it.
  • Downloadthemall est une merveille... j'ai fixé Firefox sur la version 56 pendant une année rien que pour profiter de sa puissance inégalé,
  • I've been waiting for years.