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  • I really enjoyed this add-on, However, since recently updating to FF 61.x, it no longer functions, and FF has disabled it. I'm hoping there will be an update here soon, I miss having all my specific links right as I load FireFox up. Thanks for a great add-on.
  • Who knew this little small add-on would quickly become one of my favorites. It makes FF so much more fun to use. I always open new tab all the time and love its quick features of options of what I can add and how I can add it with a wonderful background. This add-On is second to none. I never liked Google Chrome and when I gaved it a shot one of the first things I desperately looked for was this Add-On. They didnt have it. They had another inferior one. Made me dump it come back running to this great one. It wasnt as customizable or enjoyable. It was definitely lacking in all areas unlike this one. Thank you very much for creating this and keep up the great work wouldnt be as fun without ya!
  • When will it afford for 57+ versions of Firefox?
  • Can't works in 57+.
  • Excelente, pero necesita actualizacion.
    Hola! estoy trabajando en una nueva versión del complemento.
    Espero que esté listo pronto!
  • thanks for ur hard working!!! it's awesome! waiting for update.
  • Lightweight and straightforwardly easy. Works very well. If only it would get an update soon to work with version 57.
  • Loved this addon. It gave me the customization I wanted in firefox. sadly since the new update its not longer supported. I wanted to ask the developer if he could update this addon.

    I've looked through addons and the ones I have found do not do what this one does. So please update!

    Thank you for the response!! Look forward to the update :)
    Hi, thanks for using my addon and for taking the time to writing me.
    I'm working on a new version of the addon.
    I hope it will be ready soon!
  • Просто и красиво
  • This worked great until firefox updated to 57. Now it just says its outdated and no longer works T_T.

    Still a great addon though.
    Hi, I'm working on a new version of the addon.
    I hope it will be ready soon!
  • This is excatly what I want.
  • This is what i want, a dark mode of new tab
  • Adoro colocar uma imagem do meu pc para decorar a página de nova aba.
    Recomendo este add-on para quem gosta de decorar o navegador.
  • I just needed the background function, used to have newmetro tab in chrome but in FX it's way too slow. This fixes the speed issue.
  • Excelente para personalizar tu pagina de nueva pestaña, muchas gracias!!!
  • Would be great with custom colors beside preset ones. Otherwise works great.
  • This works exactly as I'd expect. I set my Firefox to open a new tab when you close the last tab. I didn't like the ugly white screen, this allowed me to match the theme at the top. And it was great!

    ... until I went to scroll on a webpage using my touch screen. It was broken. I'm on Linux, see, and touch screen capability is dependent on e10 compatibility. Which this addon is not. So I had to disable it. So I'm sad. If you don't know what e10 is, then it likely doesn't matter to you, and this is a good addon. Only (other) improvement I wish it had was the ability to address how the background image handles scrolling.
  • it's working perfectly. thanks for this add on.
  • I'll give it five stars when enable e10's compatibility.
  • Really good. I use dark theme in my FF. Now, my newtab page can be dark too. Hope it will not need to restart in the future. I hate restarting.
  • Great addon but Add-on Compatibility Reporter report that this addon is "not compatible with multiprocess"
    That is because I didn't mark it as compatible but I tested it in FF52.0a2 with multiprocess enabled and it works.
    Thanks for using my addon and taking the time to writing me.
  • Отлично изменяет структуру пустой вкладки, есть возможность добавить плиточные закладки(хотя я ими и не пользуюсь)
  • Love this addon however firefox just updated so i'm begging you please update this soon
    Hi and thanks for using my addon!
    Could you please send me an email with your Firefox's version and what's the problem?
    Thank you!
  • I have tried others yet this maximizes screen real-estate dedicated to background image
  • I can't seem to add pictures that have special characters in name "[], ..."
    Hi and thanks for using my addon!
    Can you please send me a more information about this to my email (alejandrosbrizuela[at]gmail.com? Because I could add pictures with the special characters you mention.
    Thank you!