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Versão 6.5 73.6 kB Funciona com Firefox 28.0 e superiores, Thunderbird 28.0 e superiores

FIX: Color properties can again be dragged to the color properties box.
FIX: Domain preferences are now also used when double-clicking the toolbar button.
FIX: The 32x32px icon for the menu panel is shown again.
FIX: The panel i-frames are now populated only when the panel is actually shown.

Versão 5.5 37.6 kB Funciona com Firefox 19.0 e superiores

FIX: The toolbar button is now placed on the navigator toolbar during installation and re-enabling.
FIX: The menu now handles large system fonts correctly without clipping or distortion.
FIX: Instead of the width and height of images, the naturalWidth and naturalHeight are used now.
FIX: A warning message is inserted in main documents to inform users of canvas element injection.

Versão 5.4 36.9 kB Funciona com Firefox 19.0 e superiores

Colorific was improved again:

FEATURE: A dutch translation of the extension text content was added.
FIX: Background images no more flash their untransformed content when they are reloaded.
FIX: A canvas container element is no more added to the page unless absolutely necessary.
FIX: Customization of the toolbar button is now mirrored in any other open browsers.
CODE: The main extension code is now distributed over 'bootstrap.js' (generic) and 'addon.js' (specific).

Versão 5.1 33.0 kB Funciona com Firefox 17.0 e superiores

Version 5.1 mainly introduces a new, graphical interface:

FEATURE: The textual menu was replaced by a graphical menu to make the extension easier to use and more flexible.
FEATURE: The lightness inversion options that relied on brightness estimation were removed become of errors in drawWindow.
FEATURE: Two CSS color properties were added: "border-image-source" and "outline-color".
FEATURE: Two options were added to control the automatic coloration of pages at web domains for which a theme index was saved.
FEATURE: An option was added to make foreground images less opaque (except on hover) to reduce contrast with dark backgrounds.
FEATURE: An option was added to enable delaying the first paint event to make it more likely that the page shows up colorized.
FEATURE: An option was added to enable making all element borders transparent so as to impose a 'flat' design.
FIX: The maximum image size limits were increased to prevent downsizing or exclusion of images when this is not desired/necessary.
FIX: An error in the low-level transform which led to noticable hue shifts was corrected.
FIX: In the HSL-to-RGB transform, the saturation (g) is now set to 0 when it is negative to prevent underflow.
CODE: The hsl transform in 'cta.js' was sped up by 40% by replacing the array of transform coefficients by named constants.
CODE: Instead of repeated calls to garbageCollect, forceGC() is now called once after the main document is transformed.

Versão 3.1 13.3 kB Funciona com Firefox 12.0 e superiores

Version 3.1 adds automation and other useful features:

1) An option was added to apply Colorific automatically to the main document of all opened web pages.
2) Two options were added to prevent color inversion in case a page is brighter or darker than gray, respectively.
3) Two options were added to exclude images above a certain size (100k/10k pixels), so as to leave high resolution images untouched.
4) An option was added to replace images by canvas elements, which is approx. 15% faster on consequtive transforms and prevents long data URL's.

Versão 3.0 13.3 kB Funciona com Firefox 12.0 e superiores