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  • В программе есть все что необходимо опытному пользователю.
  • I installed this in SeaMonkey 2.26.1 assuming it would just open a mail site in another tab — boy, was I wrong. When I right-clicked on the email field & picked a server, it instantly pasted a freshly-created address *and* opened the mailbox in a background tab. To use a suggestive phrase from my parents' generation, “wham, bam, thank you ma’am!” :-D
  • This addon is PURE GOLD. What is also very good about it is, well if you are making an account on a forum and they have some of the e-mail hosters blocked, there's still a couple that are not blocked. Its very easy to use, and even enters the e-mail for you. this addon is pure complete gold. Thank You.
  • Very considerate. Thanks.
  • Very usefull
  • Works and does exactly what it says. Good work! However, i'm now using Donottrackme for the same service so I'm using this less. If all you need is the email, it's excellent.
  • Great Extension, Simple, easy and working
  • Does what it say's, pretty easy to use.
  • dzieki za ten dodatek
  • 非常棒,我第一个用试验就是拿来注册个火狐账号评论一下,哈哈!
  • A great addon that really works!
  • The "bloody vikings" context menu entry for pasting an email address into an address box is gone. If I click the toolbar button, it gives me a dropdown menu of mail services and options, but selecting one of the services doesn't copy that sites temporary email address, or open the service's email site in a new tab. If i've already preselected the service I want to use by default, why isn't the toolbar button just automatically opening the site and copying the address to clipboard?
  • Super addon! Please fix it for latest nighlty 17.
  • This is one of the very good free temporary Email services (addons). Sign up for all your filth and never be found out hahaha!... well come on, you know thats what mostly this will be used for.. Paying to use trashmail services has been a joy to use also!
  • Whenever I have to registrate me for simply giving my address to be spammed a lot I´m using BLOODY VIKINGS.. Don´t want to imagine how "heavily loaded" my email-server would be without this nice little tool.. Very simple to apply when needed: with contextmenu!
    And there are different (!) services available - some websites dislike one or another..
  • I'm sick of sites that require me to create an account in order to access most of the site's features. At least they'll no longer know what my email address is.
  • This addon is a good idea, but it seems like way more trouble than it's worth. It seems easier to me to just sign up for a throwaway hotmail account that you always use for site registration. Easier to use, easier to always remember the password.
  • Love the idea of not using my real e-mail address, do we have a version for Chrome?
  • I like this Add-On very much!

    Although, I support the suggestion of site specific checking for suitable addresses. Many services use databases to block anonymous mail services.

    Another suggestion: possibility to select a service in context menu. With that I don't need a button in the nav bar.
  • Great Addon! But I have a suggestion for another link to add: fakenamegenerator.com
  • Very nice extension! It would be great to have History information lasting as long as I need to - not just a single browser session. Some email addresses last for a few days and it would be good to keep track of them. Manual removal of not needed addresses should work fine (with a possible "clear all" option). One more detail - connection to anonbox (one of two "recommended") does not work.
  • The program does precisely what it promises and works very well. It allows you to fight spam and create quick accounts for one-time messages (like this one).

    Some people might see an evil use in this program. but from my perspective it works very well.

    I do have two suggestions. First off I would like to propose a multiple-client feature. In the options menu, you can check multiple mailboxes and the program picks one at random. This spreads the server load a little, instead of using only one mailbox all the time.

    Secondly, it might be interesting to add a compatibility-list. Facebook for example blocks certain addresses. If you want to use bloody viking on facebook, and you have no compatible mail clients selected (see first proposal), you get a message.

    These changes will improve usability without making the system more complex.
  • Wow! Great add-on, very very useful!!
    Thanks mate.
  • I've created Bookmarks in Firefox for all the web-based and temporary-e-mail sites I use so that when I need them they're not that hard to get to. But, for sure, Bloody Vikings! makes things much easier AND allows me to change providers.

    Great job, Florian, and thank you.