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  • I LOVE this theme ... I hope it gets updated for FF 4.0 (and beyond).
  • excellent theme
  • Very nice and tight looking extension, with some great icons. One of the first I'm seriously considering as everyday replacement for my beloved Azerty III theme.

    One problem I noticed though, it doesn't play nice with ChromaTabs Plus, when you have more than 1 tab open. (Firefox 3.5.11) - If you can iron that out, that would be great.

    Also a small nitpick... consider some other colour instead of the poison-green on the Back/Forward- and Bookmarks button. It's kinda extreme looking besides the other more relaxed colours.
  • simple and nice
  • Me encanta, visualmente es muy intuitivo y su aspecto modernista le da un toque especial, esta muy logrado, si le unimos los addons: [Locationbar^2]&[hidecaption] esta completissimo!!
  • Excellent theme, breath of fresh air!
  • Make it available for SNOW LEOPARD!!! :)
  • Firefox is Free Software right? Free as in Freedom? But this theme only works on a non-free OS...
  • My all time favorite... Thanks for updates!
  • Thanks for this little masterpiece.
  • Please add a code to support MacOSX, it's easy: you just add custom scrollbars as it's done in iPox, Whitehart, Silvermel, Stratini, Rein, or in Smoke or FennecFox (not from default theme).
  • very nice,lightweight,fast theme.
  • It is the first acceptable theme that I have seen so far. Just use a litte less aggressive color for disabled versions of back and forward button, remove the green hover color on Tabs and increase the Tab height a litte bit, just few pixels and it is perfect! Good job!
  • The best theme i have used for firefox so far. The buttons are very modern and eye catching.
    Thanks for providing such a beautiful theme.
  • Sober , stylish and modern! Nice icons, nice colours... Almost perfect.
    Just one thing: no really compatible with the add on "colourful tabs".
  • Sober , stylish and modern! Nice icons, nice colours... Almost perfect.
    Just one thing: no really compatible with the add on "colourful tabs".
  • I really love this theme,one of the best iv'e seen and used,
    Could i make one observation though,and that is that the icons are a little too big when used on a netbook 10'' screen,is there anyway to decrease the icon size,
  • I'll give you 10 stars if the page doesn't jump all over my monitor..
  • I love this theme, best one I've seen in a quite a while, neat, clean, uncluttered. The icon size is perfect, one thing would make it perfect, that being support for personas, otherwise will be a favourite of mine.
  • Beautiful :)

    @prasannaZulu personas no longer works with any themes since they 'fixed' it.
  • I like this theme because it has big toolbar icons, which in turn makes my NoScript icon on the toolbar big, making it easy to manage NoScript.

    However, the tabs seems comparably a little too small. Maybe make the icons a little less big to proportionalize the two (I'm not sure proportionalize is a word).
  • I like this theme very much...but please enable personas....
  • Very cool & clean theme, but doesn't work good with ColorfulTabs.
  • Very nice. I love Arzo icons.
  • Looks very good but it's not available for Linux, which is a shame. I really want to use this. :(