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  • One of the "Best" if not "The Best" dark themes I've seen..
  • Really love the look, esp the buttons. The master password dialog box is huge but thats not a big deal.
  • Superb... BUT, it displays all the icons as a bitmap array on the toolbar area... *ouch*... However, It works in fullscreen mode and the icons are superb, I can imagine what it would look like in normal screen mode, however I can't see it... -3 stars.
  • Agree with the reviewer below me; this is nicely done and has a clean crisp simple look to it. In my setup, though, the compact menu font is black on black, which isn't too much fun, and the menu toolbar titles are small and cramped and hard to see. This theme works beautifully with Colorful Tabs, though, and the icons are excellent.
  • Not exactly 'compact'. Nice icons but they could be a little smaller. I have Fire FTP and the page comes up mainly white which makes navigation a bit 'orrid.
    The File menu seems to pop when you right mouse click.
    I have the favourites icon toolbar, this theme SPREADS OUT THE ICONS SO THEY GO OFF THE PAGE, why do you need those half-circles either side of the favicon? Wastes space, I have thirty favicons which go off the page....
    The thin black line around the tab only runs around the tab, it looks odd, would be better if it went then length of the tab bar.
    Apart from that(!?) quite nice, but I'm only using it 'cos my favourite theme (black ice?) isn't compatible with FF3.6
  • love it, great! by the way, the background of words in menu bar is a little bit too dark, they are almost invisible, hope to make the color of this background a little brighter.
  • Good, but I have a problem where I cannot see my saved password suggestions pull down menu when I go to login to sites.
  • i love this theme, except for 1 thing. the scroll bar comes up as the default one, and i think it would look nicer if it matched the theme. otherwise it's perfect. i love the shading and the fact that the background is dark but not black.
  • I've tried out lots of themes, I think this is one of the best and I feel comfortable using it. It has a nice shading, it's smooth and clean.
  • Perfect. Great shading. Clear and easy to read. The icons are very Art Deco/Cubism-y.... Love that.
  • What can I say other than Simplicity=Beauty=Anthem
    Easy on the eyes, smooth and clean, hoping to see updates as you find time to do them.
    One thing I really appreciated is the fact that the icons are decipherable. I have seen a few custom icon sets, but this one I could actually understand without needing to stare at them for hours on end.

    THANK YOU!!!!
  • Love this theme. This is one original idea!!! Smooth and light on resource usage. Thank you very much for your work and sharing.
  • I think this is a awesome theme that you came up with. I love the sleek look it has.
  • I think this is a awesome theme that you came up with. I love the sleek look it has.
  • I have tried a ton of different themes e.g. nasa night, chromifox extreme, lavafox, etc... all the highly recommended, and this is by far my favorite.
  • Is it just me, or does the vertical scrollbar have some excess padding to it (in Windows). It's not much of a big deal, but an annoyance though. Other than that, this theme is great, I like not having the favicons on my bookmarks tab, makes it look clean.
  • Amazing theme! I absolutely love it. I've tried using others but always come back to this one. The icons are really cool and its very sleek.

    One thing though, when using Personas, the top doesn't show. Not sure if this is by design or not. Would be nice to be able to use Personas fully with this theme.

    Nonetheless, still my favourite!! Great work!
  • This is easily the best theme on Mozilla! Thx. Chas
  • I love this theme, it goes really well with dark wallpapers and windows themes. My new favorite in front of NASA Night Launch and the Default
  • Wow. This theme is GORGEOUS! I particularly love the icons used. Lovely job! Thanks!!!
  • Найкраща тема, раджу всім.
  • Найкраща тема, раджу всім.
  • Es una genialidad!
  • Love it!
  • Great theme. I would really love an inverted or White colored version of this.