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Vinícius Della Líbera

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Porque é que o Amharic Spell Checker foi criado?

In 2007, I created the spell checker for Brazilian Portuguese (I'm Brazilian), and have been maintaining it since then.
In August 2010, my life boomed with changes and that was the push that I needed to start a new study, which was the expansion of the spell checker into other languages.

While researching to find out what languages were not yet supported with Mozzila applications, I noticed and stood out to me 3 topics: countries' photos (images), natives' characteristics (traits, habits, behavior, culture) and their flags. So, I realized that the Amharic Spell Checker would benefit a lot of foreign people (like myself), increasing their knowledge about the language and helping on daily projects.At this point, I began working on the Amharic Spell Checker in order to have it available online.

From the time I made it available online until now, I’ve been watching the number of downloads increase, which rest assures me that the Amharic Spell Checker was really needed and is helping people on their research and studies.

O que há a seguir para o Amharic Spell Checker

This is still the beginning, but I hope to be able to support most of the words in future versions.

Another addition will be the suggestion of new words by the user, which after being reviewed by the maintainer, could make it in the next version.

Android support is also expected.

For the Amharic Spell Checker to be kept updated, it needs testing and experimentation; this is the only way for it to get better with each new version.

Sobre o programador

Informação do programador
Nome Vinícius Della Líbera
Localização Brazil
Ocupação Artist
Utilizador desde November 26, 2007
Número de extras desenvolvidos 15 extras
Avaliação média dos extras do programador Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas