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  • After installing a pop up survey appeared offering a prize. I completed it and won a free phone with a hitch, I have to pay 3 dollars. I phoned my bank, turns out phone is fake and in the fine print it says if the phone is not returned in 30 days they take 500 dollars from your credit account. Since you would have ticked I agree to the terms and conditions, you wont be able to do a charge back.
  • Option to whitelist Youtube channels doesn't appear. I want to support creators I like.
    Hi there, thanks for asking about this feature. This is definitely available on Firefox but it will need to be enabled from the AdBlock Settings page. The following article should help guide you through accessing this: https://help.getadblock.com/support/solutions/articles/6000067131-can-i-use-adblock-and-still-allow-ads-on-my-favorite-youtube-channels- If you run into any problems, please reach out to us at help@getadblock.com

    - AdBlock Support
  • i can't pay by the alipay
  • I can't use sites that require you to disable Ad-blocker, but when I go to add-ons and extensions, it's not on the list anywhere. So I can't get rid of it, pause it, disable it.
    That's very odd. Please reach out to us at help@getadblock.com and we'll take a look. Please be sure to include screenshots of what you are seeing in the add-ons and extensions menu.
    -AdBlock Support