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Jivko Evgeniev

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Porque é que o Toy Factory foi criado?

First of all this is not my add-on.This theme was once made for the Netscape browser.After that a guy with a nick name Sailfish made a Firefox 2 version of it but he doesn't have time for it and I got permission from him to update this wonderful theme.That's all.

O que há a seguir para Toy Factory

Homepage http://web-goodies.net/firefox/index.html
Web Tuts http://web-goodies.net/

What's next?Future versions will support Firefox 12 and above.
Help needed! I need to make some hardware updates. I'm running a 6 year old machine and things get a bit slow from time to time. Making a contribution right here and now on this page will help me get a new PC and continue supporting the theme. Your money help for my education as well so if you have some extra cash I'd be nice if you click the contribute button above and donate a dollar or two. You can donate as much as you want. Thanks in advance!

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Nome Jivko Evgeniev
Página inicial http://web-goodies.net/firefox/
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Utilizador desde January 12, 2009
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