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  • переводчик хренов, меню на английском языке!
  • Наверное единственный перевдчик на лисе, в котором на всех сайтах нормально работает перевод слов наведением мыши.
  • Very good interface, why not support more languages? :) Thumb up^
  • thank you so much
  • We need dark themes and themes for different OS.
  • Excellent translate addon. Don't forget to enable context translation.

    Developers: please add shortcut for instant translation of selection. I often use browser w/o mouse and it's a bit of tiring to press Shift + F10 and then select option "Translate with Leo" :) Also popup window can't be closed with keyboard. Maybe it can accept Esc for closing? Thank you in advance.
    Thank you for review and your suggestions! I will fix it :-)
  • GNU/Linux Manjaro GNOME. Полёт нормальный. Спасибо!