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  • Only have to remember 1 password, for the web, at least. Also, keeps a lot of important information for me... and, the price is VERY reasonable.
  • Continua a chiedermi di aggiornare l'estensione ma non effettua l'aggiornamento e pur cancellandola e reinstallandola mi chiede di aggiornarla...
  • This used to be a very good plugin, but now it just gives errors after errors, no logging me in and no proper error reporting capabilities.
  • Great add-on, but recently, it has been requiring two-factor authorization multiple times per day even after checking the "trust for 30 days" box. Please fix.
  • favorable mais j'ai oublié le mot de passe, je ne parle que le Francais, etje ne peux pas me connecter.
  • I have been using Last Pass for +1 year. And after some time the extension crash and I need to reinstall. This problem occurs in every browser that exists. It is so, so, SO annoying