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  • Stop working since firefox 71 upgrade.
    Get stuck on login screen.
  • Poorly maintained extension. LastPass is dead, time to move to other password manager. This extension randomly crashes Firefox completely, all pages get stuck loading and the browser doesn't respond. AVOID.
  • Not working on linux with ff71. reverting to ff69 fixed it.
  • Love using lastpass, but it is currently broken on firefox 71 on linux
  • Not working on linux with ff71
  • Stopped working after upgrade to Firefox 71 on Linux
  • Worked great and has a lot of features. However I found it very clunky (especially on mobile) and more trouble then it was worth. Lock wise, (Firefox's built-in password manager) is way more user friendly while offering the same password encryption.
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  • Very disapointing. It seemed to have magically changed my master password so I'm locked out of my account. I had stored so many important passwords using it and I used their password generator multiple times. To make matters even worse, their Customer Care cannot help you reset your password. (Apparently they store all of your passwords locally on your device but how true can that be?) My advice, don't waste your time on this rubbish password manager.

    Update: It seems my password changed back to my former LastPass password and I've lost some data. The only problem with LastPass is if you ever lose your master password you're screwed.
    Another Update: Scratch 'some' of my data; EVERY single saved password is gone. Don't bother using LastPass
  • Does not work on Firefox 71 on Linux: gets stuck loading the login screen. I had to revert back to Firefox 69.