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  • Can't login (it says 'no internet connection available'). I've used lastpass on Android & Chrome and it's glitchy AF on those platforms, sad to see it's even worse on firefox. Time to give 1Password a whirl...
  • Everyday it gets worse and worse, PC or Android both is driving me nuts as it wont autofill properly. I'm seriously thinking about changing the application.
  • Нет ни русского, ни украинского языка!!! Буржуи думают только о деньгах!
  • 最近使用感覺有變差,一直說要更新但是熒幕靜止不動.
  • Ever since an update which requires accepting permissions for all the tracking they do it's completely unusable as you can't accept the permissions in the tiny pop up box that asks for them. >.<
  • Dommage cette extension baisse en qualité de version en version. Je commence à imaginer une migration...
    Structure d'entreprise assurément devenue trop grande avec le temps et perte du lien avec le produit.