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  • Cuando se elige "Copia la contraseña", solicita la contraseña maestra. Al introducirla, no se produce la copia, sino que hay que pulsar de nuevo el botón. Esto hace que, si no se elige la opción "Recordar por [tiempo]", no se pueda copiar la contraseña.
  • macht was es soll und mir das Leben leichter
  • Worked well until the past year sometime. Now lefthand nav links yield "ERROR: It looks like your lastpass session has expired. log in to continue using lastpass" --EVERYTIME when I am logged in.
    Premium user, many support messages back and forth, no resolution.
  • Currently unreliable. Avoid.
  • Since the "improved" version I have extreme difficulty in usung and finding fill forms am considering changing to another password manager.
  • I has helped me remember my passwords, etc.
  • 希望尽快恢复中文支持,谢谢.I hope to resume Chinese support as soon as possible,thanks.
  • Take it from one who knows: it's the worst. corrupted my master PW, zero support, no phone #. I had to start from scratch. 1541 Ffoxers give it at 1. If we could give negative numbers, it would be -5 or below.
    Don't say we didn't warn you.
  • Lastpass is great. I do not know what i would do without it!