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  • software issue problem caused recovery to be "locked out". Is there no other recovery method?
  • Recent updates have really slowed down Firefox. After disabling it, Firefox has returned to its normal performance.
  • Been using LastPass Premium for over 5 years, and the latest improvements have eased the automatic recognition of web sites for autofill. I also maintain a manual backup to keep in a safe location. The fact that I am able to securely share accounts with other LastPass users (family members, in this case) has eased the need to create common-use accounts, rather than having to manually maintain the account profiles and syncing any specifics (like Bill Pay accounts). I really have not had any significant issues with Lastpass which I could not resolve, and Lastpass Technical Support has been good. Support for multiple 2FA solutions have been excellent.
  • Seems to be very good. I am still finding my way round LastPass
  • Excellent..
  • The program is great except for one flaw. Why can't I see the passwords while I am typing them. One typo too many and I am locked out of my own system. Frustrating.
  • I rest on this brilliant program that I cannot live without! Have been using it trouble-free in Firefox and Chrome for ages as an add-on. Those who say it does not work in either browser need to look at their own machines because if it "did not work", that would be the case for everyone else!

    The only features I wish they would implement are 1. To decrease the number of levels one has to drill down - get rid of the (None) folder and 2. Allow one to press a letter to quickly go down to the section that starts with that alphabet, as in Windows Explorer.
  • Free mà như vầy là tốt lắm rồi
  • Used to be fantastic, doesn't work at all lately. Now I can't even log in. Now that they have "10 million users" and have doubled the subscription price, without adding features to speak of, I supposed they just don't have any budget anymore.