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  • I really like 1Password as a service, but this addon is severly lacking. The overall functionality is there, but several small hiccups make it rather cumbersome to use.

    1) It displays a little icon in form fields that you can press to access its functionality. When 1Password is locked (after inactivity) clicking this icon does not in fact open 1password, but displays the message "use ctrl+period to open password". Why would I click the icon if opening 1password wasn't already what I wanted?! Maybe this is a security feature, I don't know? But then make the icon reflect whether 1pw is currently locked or not, so I don't waste time clicking this icon when most of the time doing so achieves absolutely nothing.

    2) The 1pw dropdown interferes with firefox' native dropdown in annoying ways. After about one year of usage I still haven't figured out what makes the 1pw dropdown appear and what not.

    3) Sometimes when the 1pw dropdown opens up, it makes the whole page jump/move vertically. What's that about?
    There are other glitches like this depending on how sites are programmed. Sometimes it's 1pw filling in the fields that makes the whole page jump too.

    4) As others have said: It would make a lot more sense if a new password could be saved AFTER the sign up process on a site.

    5) There is no way to customize the password generator as there is for exampe in the Android app. If the suggested password doesn't meet the site's criteria you're out of luck using the generator.
  • It works fine for what it does, although usability with Firefox is not as good as it is in Chrome. But the one thing that really grinds my gears. I use 1Password for work passwords. I only want to sign in to 1Password on my work machine. I share the same Firefox account on all my machines. I DO NOT WANT 1Password popping up a new tab asking me to login EVERY TIME I OPEN MY BROWSER. It's like when you're reading an article and you get two lines in and suddenly a popup appears asking you to subscribe to their newsletter. It is super annoying.
  • This only works with 1Password X, not the regular 1password. I couldn't find a plugin for 1Password
  • this is above my level of knowledge. I want out
  • It's pretty good if you don't use the keyboard much. If you do, you will have to disable autofill features because this extension breaks the standard functionality in a bad way: when entering a username, you'll get the standard drop-down for selecting a user, but pressing down will instead pop up 1Password with a number of choices, none of which are usually what I want.

    I really wish the Down arrow was left alone while still enabling the deeper form of integration.

    Also when entering a password not yet saved in 1Password, you have to save it before you're sure that it was accurate. There should be a way to save a password after I've logged in, just like the built-in password manager does.
  • Why this is the only option here?? On Chrome there is 2 versions of the extention (1password and 1password X). I wont to use my client to sign in not my browser. Is not that safe this way. Why i dont have that option here ????
  • Recommended to me by a security analyst and so far I am loving the features. It is robust and yet easy to use. The price of membership is also low. All around a good investment for security and peace of mind.
  • good !
  • This is a top-notch password manager. It has excellent features such as "Travel Mode". That let's you keep a vault on your computer for access while traveling\travelling (US vs UK spelling) in restricted countries or regions that may not have safe internet. it has several nice features in addition to Travel Mode, such as, "Reused Passwords". Reused Passwords scans all of your account usernames and passwords and lets you know how many password duplications you have across all of your saved logins. It also has "Compromised Logins" and "Vulnerable Passwords, "Weak Passwords", and "Unsecured Passwords" any of which you may be using passwords in any or all categories, or no passwords in any of the categories I just mentioned. All-n-all this is a great password manager that is very secure and robust with useful features!


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  • Since the last update, the app has been difficult and inconsistent. We use it with Firefox