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A great idea, but I think there's potential for better features than this offers.

i.e. perhaps you could make it highlight every easter egg that occurs in a cartoon with those yellow "tab-over" boxes.

Also, the automatic toon resizing didn't work for me (Firefox, which is really crucial for watching in Firefox.

As to the suggestion, those \"tab-over\" boxes are done by pressing tab, as you may imagine. Highlighting every easter egg in that manner really isn\'t possible without a more powerful coding language than JavaScript. And I doubt that Mozilla would allow me to publish anything with as many security issues as something like that would have (seeing as it would have to take over the user\'s keyboard and send the tab key the whole time to highlight them. The highlighting is done via the flash player, there\'s nothing in the browser I can do to activate or deactivate that.)\r\n\r\nAs for the issue you had, that\'s because the version that\'s been here for a while has been outdated. I uploaded version 4.0, then found several major flaws in the new functions I\'d implemented and had to retract it to fix those, which took me a long time to do. But, the description didn\'t get changed back to the 3.1 description when I did that. The bugs are fixed now, so once the new version goes public, hopefully within the week, those things will work.