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Nome Mike Krieger
Usuário desde March 5, 2007
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addressContext Requer reinicialização

An extension to add addressbook-related options to the context...

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas (50)
1.542 usuários

BorderColors Requer reinicialização

Color-codes compose windows depending the active e-mail identity, to avoid sending messages from the wrong account.

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas (38)
400 usuários

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Float Video

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

I love the idea and definitely see myself using this to view news videos or music videos while browsing other websites. I had a Javascript error every time I clicked on the video though, but this didn't keep it from working afterwards. Awesome work and looking forward to a more polished version!

Essa avaliação é para um versão anterior do complemento (0.4).