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ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange Requer reinicialização

Thunderbird email accounts, including contacts, connecting to Microsoft Exchange Web Services. This is a 60 day trial of a paid add-on.

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17.731 usuários

Color Text Compose Buttons Requer reinicialização

Adds Text Color Buttons in Compose Toolbar and More: Pixel FontSize, Strikethough, Sub & Superscript, Lower & UpperCase. Also provide Tools: Insert iframe, Launch MathType, Maths & Greek Symbols, Load Template Variables and Duplicate Compose Window.

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2.214 usuários

OutlookAlike BETA Requer reinicialização

Deixe o seu Thunderbird com um visual parecido com Outlook (2010). Deixe o melhor cliente de e-mail gratuito ter um visual como o melhor cliente comercial.

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4.415 usuários

Stationery Requer reinicialização

Extension to mimic Outlook Express Stationery.
Allow you to use HTML files as templates for mail. Also allow custom template in replies or forwarded mail!

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38.401 usuários

Reply Monitor Requer reinicialização

Keep track of your emails and replies (Lightning is required).
Note: the name of this add-on has been changed to Reply Monitor because the previous name is a registered trademark.

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1.570 usuários

Telify Requer reinicialização

Converts telephone numbers into clickable links for use with CTI applications, SIP clients, Skype, Netmeeting, snom phones, the AGFEO TK-Suite Client and SerVonic IXI-PCS.

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11.859 usuários

Lightning Reminder Left Buttons Requer reinicialização

Tired to mistakenly press that "Dismiss All" button? Move the Lightining Reminder "Snooze all for" and "Dismiss All" buttons to the LEFT!
... and from version 2.0 you can keep them on the RIGHT, but swapped!

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1.095 usuários

Website to PDF Requer reinicialização

Convert the current webpage into a PDF file!

Just for now - get also a PRO version for FREE!

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5.035 usuários

backupMail_at_Receive Requer reinicialização


Avaliado em 3 de 5 estrelas (4)
1.206 usuários

Right Encoding Requer reinicialização

Adds the Character Encoding menu to the context menu

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4.050 usuários

Stylish Tools Requer reinicialização

Quicker access to several Stylish features through a toolbar button and/or keyboard shortcuts. Available for Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey

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1.483 usuários

LocalFolder Requer reinicialização

Add as many local folders as you want to (like outlook PST).
NB. It doesn't import PST files.

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9.845 usuários

Thunderbird Chat Notification Requer reinicialização

Upozornění na nové zprávy z chatu Mozilla Thunderbird. Upozornění pomocí informačního okna, tray ikony (kliknutí otevře konverzaci, tray ikona pouze pro Windows), zvuku a rozblikáním ikony na hlavním panelu.

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2.849 usuários

ICS Inspector Requer reinicialização

This extension provides many debugging options related to calendar development. This includes showing the ics data for an event or calendar, evaluating javascript on an event or calendar, and some menu options for debugging.

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1.303 usuários

ConfirmFolderMove Requer reinicialização

Introduces a preference that allows users to be prompted before moving folders.

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5.244 usuários

Subject Manager Requer reinicialização

Manages subject of composed emails.

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2.681 usuários

Lightning Colors Reminder Requer reinicialização

Let's show the calendar color on Lightning reminders!

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4.729 usuários

Clippings Requer reinicialização

Save frequently-entered text for pasting later.

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas (197)
36.718 usuários

Bird Import Requer reinicialização

The extension allows to import e-mail messages from The Bat! mail client into Thunderbird.

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1.445 usuários

Dorando keyconfig Requer reinicialização

A modified Dorando's addon to rebind keyboard shortcuts. It is designed to be a drop-in replacement, keeping your old settings. (See details for upgrade instructions.)

As of version 2016.2, Custom keys (using custom JavaScript) work again!

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4.353 usuários