Removal from Back/Forward Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas

Otherwise this is a great plugin, but you really should make it possible to remove this plugin from the Back/Forward pulldown menus, because it breaks its function on many sites (especially forums). There seems to be one feature that should do that, but it doesn't seem to do anything in reality. "Show in the forward/back button menu", which I've set to "Not" and they're still in there. Fix that and this would be one of the best Fx addons :)

Oh and little-nemo, while DTA! simply downloads all links, this plugin is for images, especially those /Index Of.../ listings with just a huge list of links to images. You can view all those images in full-size within a single page with this plugin. No need to middleclick-open them into a huge amount of tabs, or even worse, one at a time.

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