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Tenha cuidado com versões antigas!

Estas versões são exibidas com o propósito de testes e referência. Você deve sempre usar a versão mais recente de um complemento.

Versão 0.4b2.2013051811 191.1 kB Funciona com Firefox 4.0 e superiores, SeaMonkey 2.4 e superiores, Thunderbird 5.0 e superiores

Compatible with Firefox 21 & other bug fix :-)

Thanks to upsuper (Xidorn Quan) and many other guys!

Versão 0.4b2.2011041023 190.5 kB Funciona com Firefox 3.0.9 e superiores, SeaMonkey 2.0b1pre e superiores, Thunderbird 3.0b3pre - 3.3a4pre

* urgent locale fix

* fix: URLs matched by whitelist rule will now be connected directly as expected;
* fix: enableProxyOn doesn't work properly in sidebar;
* make the toolbar button looks correctly;
* reenable configuration for fallback proxy;
* new feature: quick change proxy of rule group from context menu.

More details see https://autoproxy.org/

Versão 0.4b1.2011033016 181.2 kB Funciona com Firefox 3.0.9 e superiores, SeaMonkey 2.0b1pre - 2.1b2, Thunderbird 3.0b3pre - 3.3a2pre

* Ready for Firefox 4

* fix issue that the default proxy settings will not be saved after Firefox restart

Versão 0.3b4.0+.2009110800 108.5 kB Funciona com Firefox 3.0.9 - 3.7a5pre, SeaMonkey 2.0b1pre - 2.0b1, Thunderbird 3.0b3pre - 3.1a1pre

Lots of updates, please check out: http://autoproxy.org/en/release