Privacidade e Segurança


Abmelden von Mailinglisten Requer reinicialização

Abmelden von Newsletter-Verteilerlisten direkt über Thunderbird Benutzeroberfläche.

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about:addons-memory 2016

Adds a new page that shows add-on memory usage

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Ad-Aware Ad Block

Ad-Aware Ad Block improves your browser’s speed and protects your privacy by blocking ads and trackers. It also improves online security by blocking malicious URLs and establishing the most secure connection available.

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Ad Blocker lets you block all ads, tracking & malware from the web world. It is an effective solution to browse the web without offensive and annoying ads you hate to see.

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Adblock Cyceam

Earn extra money while browsing online! Get rid of ads, and optionally tip your favorite sites.

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Adblock Plus Em destaque

Chateado com as propagandas? Incomodado com o rastreamento? Irritado com os banners? Instale agora o Adblock Plus para recuperar o controle da internet e mudar a maneira como você vê a web.

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Fight back against advertising surveillance

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AdRemind.Me Requer reinicialização

Want to keep your favourite Web sites alive even when you're using Adblock Plus? AdRemind.Me helps you to supporting your favourite Web sites in deactivating periodically Adblock Plus ad filters only on these sites for 20 seconds.

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Advanced Dork: Requer reinicialização

Advanced Dork: gives quick access to Google's Advanced Operators directly from the context menu...

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AutoProxy Requer reinicialização

Are you concerned about your privacy? Or, are you blocked from some websites by a firewall? And, are you arming yourself with a proxy? In that case, AutoProxy is designed for you! A tool to help you use your proxy automatically & efficiently.

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Bitdefender QuickScan Requer reinicialização

The quickest way to find out if your computer is infected!
Bitdefender QuickScan is a very fast antivirus scanner, able to determine in a matter of seconds if a system is infected with malware.
More on

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Bluhell Firewall

Get a faster browsing experience by blocking nasty web resources using Bluhell Firewall, the lightweight Ad-Blocker and Tracking/Privacy Protector.

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Cache Offline Alert Restorer Requer reinicialização

Restores the alert when a website asks to store data for offline use.

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CensureBlock Requer reinicialização

This addon blocks sites containing pornographic materials.

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Cert Viewer Plus Requer reinicialização

Certificate viewer enhancements: PEM format view, trust configuration

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Certificate Patrol Requer reinicialização

Your browser trusts many certification authorities and intermediate sub-authorities quietly, every time you enter an HTTPS web site. This add-on reveals when certificates are updated, so you can ensure it was a legitimate change.

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Channel Guard Requer reinicialização

Channelguard disables plugins and protocol handlers to ensure maximum security against side-channel attack.

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clamdrib LIN Requer reinicialização

"clamdrib LIN" ist wie der Name schon sagt die Weiterentwicklung des Add-on clamdrib, allerdings nur noch für Linux. Sämtliche E-Mails, Feeds und News werden auf Viren und anderes Ungeziefer geprüft und gemeldet. Gelöscht wird hierbei jedoch nichts!

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Clean Links

Converts obfuscated or nested links to genuine clean links.


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Clear Cache and Data

Clears the browser cache and other selected storage.

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