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Force HTML5 Video Player at vk.com (ВКонтакте.ру)

Принудительный вызов HTML5 плеера ВКонтакте даже при наличии Adobe Flash (можно отключить это поведение в настройках аддона).
Force load of HTML5 video player of vk.com even when Abode Flash is avaliable.

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15 usuários
Adicionado em April 8, 2015

RedirectCleaner Não precisa reiniciar

RedirectCleaner cleans Redirects from Links

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109 usuários
Adicionado em April 5, 2015

Sharp Color Picker Não precisa reiniciar

A full featured color selector tool, to work with colors, and easily find the colors you want.

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7 usuários
Adicionado em April 4, 2015

Sticky Password Autofill Engine for Windows

Autofill web-pages with stored passwords in Sticky Password for Windows

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23 usuários
Adicionado em March 30, 2015

Share to Google+ Page

Share to your Google+ Profile or Google+ Page with just click of a button.

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Adicionado em February 26, 2015

clamdrib LIN

"clamdrib LIN" ist wie der Name schon sagt die Weiterentwicklung des Add-on clamdrib, allerdings nur noch für Linux. Sämtliche E-Mails, Feeds und News werden auf Viren und anderes Ungeziefer geprüft und gemeldet. Gelöscht wird hierbei jedoch nichts!

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67 usuários
Adicionado em February 25, 2015

Notification Storage

Provides the Notification Storage service which is missing from SeaMonkey 2.24-2.32

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Adicionado em February 6, 2015

Forecastfox (fix version)

Get international weather forecasts from AccuWeather.com and display them in any toolbar or statusbar with this highly customizable and unobtrusive extension.

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16.828 usuários
Adicionado em February 6, 2015

AutoPager Fixed

AutoPager Fixed is a working version of AutoPager extension for Firefox 36+ (non-E10s mode) to autoload the next page(s) when you scroll pages.


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6.547 usuários
Adicionado em February 3, 2015

شارك وإربح Não precisa reiniciar

شارك أى رابط أو فيديو على الفيس بوك وتويتر .... إلخ وإربح المال فى 3 نقرات فقط
ستربح المال لمجرد مشاركتك الروابط على الشبكات الإجتماعية والمنتديات

تعتبر هذه الاضافة - أسرع وأسهل طريقة للربح من الانترنت

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4 usuários
Adicionado em January 30, 2015

Standalone SeaMonkey Mail Não precisa reiniciar

Use SeaMonkey as a standalone e-mail client. Set up a default browser for links opened from Mail & Newsgroups.

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30 usuários
Adicionado em January 27, 2015

FlameFox 3 Rebrander

Rebrand SeaMonkey as Firefox 3 (by 2008WindowsVista and a11RyanC2)

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4 usuários
Adicionado em January 23, 2015

New Tab Button 2

Stellt für die Navigationsleiste einen "Neuer Tab" Knopf zur Verfügung.

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7 usuários
Adicionado em January 22, 2015

Backslash to Forward slash Não precisa reiniciar

Firefox does not convert backslash to forward slash in URL automaticaly and does not open the link. This add-on corrects the URL with backslash and open page.

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14 usuários
Adicionado em January 13, 2015

Novacoin Antispam

Keep a correspondence with only the well off people.
For donate 4VgkLjNQHDcawXbvuTry3X4V2WEXP66vay

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Adicionado em January 13, 2015


Easily and quickly to encrypt / decrypt
For users: private messages via e-mail, blogs, social networks, forums, etc.
For webmasters: websites, images, photos, etc.
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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986 usuários
Adicionado em January 2, 2015

FAYT Revived

Regain possesion of your good "Find As You Type" search bar in Firefox and SeaMonkey!

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89 usuários
Adicionado em December 30, 2014

Add-ons Button

Opens the Add-ons window to perform tasks on your installed Extensions, Themes, Plug-ins and Language packs.

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774 usuários
Adicionado em December 22, 2014

Wepware - Capture and Share Live Content

Grab live snapshots of anything on the internet, organize your collected content into folders and share with friends through SNS.

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10 usuários
Adicionado em December 19, 2014

Direct Currency Converter 2 for SeaMonkey Não precisa reiniciar

Converts monetary amounts from any currency ($, £, etc.) to monetary amounts in a selectable currency automatically while browsing.

Firefox users please use https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/direct-currency-converter-2/

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11 usuários
Adicionado em December 19, 2014