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Sea-Monkey Addons por Sarahendipity

Addons that are compatible for SeaMonkey.

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Basic AddOns por ehoagland66

Common addons for use by all profiles

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Opera Inside SeaMonkey por d4rkn1ght

Presto-Opera features in SeaMonkey. Convert the Firefox add-ons in this list with "Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey" http:// wp . me / p448zD-lB

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My Favorite Add-ons por Jayesh

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Raju02's Collection por raju02

SeaMonkey Extensions compatible with version 2.2 for any regular user. If you are missing any, then it is not compatible. Of course, this is not exhaustive list, so visit frequently for any inclusion.

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Small screens and computers por kozaki

Mozilla Firefox add-ons that come handy for small screens and/or small computers users.

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Babel por kozaki

World's a village right?
Yet some tools might be handy to achieve the mission!
Translating & typing Languages Tools.

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MySeaBase por Posixru

Составлено для сайта и форума Salix OS

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rougefemale's SeaMonkey basics por rougefemale

trouble with cookies, trackers, LSO's and ADS. here are the basics you should have

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SeaMonkeyMe por nushimura


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My Favorite Add-ons por zoka1

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Improve Opensource por kozaki

Since we give soooo many informations to commercial companies, why not help Opensource development (e.g. by testing, sharing infos)? Let's get involved.

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我最愛的附加元件 por

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