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Tab Badge

Adds a small badge to your tabs to alert you to (for example) new messages on Facebook. The badge is also visible when the tabs are pinned so you can see when there's something new available.

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Auto Refresh For Twitter

Only refresh tweets instead of the whole page. It is will not disturb your other actions. Simple and Effective.

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Androjine Live Extension Compatível com o Firefox 57 e superior

Ne manquez plus un seul de mes lives sur Twich :)

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New Tweets

Display the number of unread tweets over a Twitter tab's favicon.

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Twitter Counter (BETA)

Twitter Counter provides you with detailed Tweet analytics. See how well your Tweets are doing and view recommendations.

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Twitter ToolBar Requer reinicialização

Post Tweets using this easy to use Twitter Toolbar. This toolbar is a must if you like to tweet the same message more than once on Twitter. Menu offers links to important Twitter pages, replies to you, and its search page.

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Discreet Tab Badge

Adds a discreet counter badge to your tabs - great for Gmail, Facebook or Twitter notifications. Derived from the original Tab Badge by Geoff Lankow

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mini SocialButton


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Twiference Sidebar Requer reinicialização

Twiference Sidebar discovers hot web pages in the site you are reading using twitter search.

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Fox Notifier Requer reinicialização

Fox Notifier check for updates in real-time and notify you when new updated contents comes from your favorite websites feeds and from your Facebook & Twitter pages.

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Keenko Requer reinicialização

Keenko is a toolbar for Firefox. This add-on enables you to simultaneously monitor which of your Facebook and Twitter friends are online and where you may easily chat with them not leaving the web page which you browse! Open Beta-testing

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PageTweets Requer reinicialização

See what the twitterverse is saying about the current page.

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Tweet Line Requer reinicialização

Display your friend's time line of Twitter on your browser tool bar.

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Gmail Sig

Gmail assinatura extensão WiseStamp

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