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有道云笔记 Requer reinicialização

有道云笔记 Firefox 扩展程序是记录您在网上发现的所有精彩内容的最佳方式。丢掉书签,打开标签页,保存网页内容—包括文本、链接、图像。

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Gotta Have it! Requer reinicialização

UPDATE Now post items automatically to Facebook and Twitter. Email the items you want right from the pages of Amazon, Bestbuy, Walmart, Old Navy, Target, IKEA and more.

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Twobble - Twitter share links for Facebook Requer reinicialização

Adds a little Tweet option beside the Share link for each Facebook news article.

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Adds a twitter option that saves tweets to with one click.

TweetSave is a permanent archive of tweets that also generates mirrors on the WayBack machine and

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All trending tweets

When in the domain, makes links for hashtags and trending topics default to "all" (bypassing "top") tweets. Additionally, a faded background is added to all promoted tweets, trends and accounts.

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Snip-n-Tag Requer reinicialização

A Firefox sidebar to easily shorten URLs, plus add Google Analytics tracking tags. Great for measuring traffic from Social channels. Snip-n-Tag currently supports five of the most popular URL shortening websites, including, and tinyurl.

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Fluid twitter layout Requer reinicialização

Update the the twitter layout with a fluid one by adding a stylesheet.
The layout will be 90% of the screen width, the left column 34% and the right one 65%.
Or you can use this stylish theme :

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Socialize extension for Firefox Requer reinicialização

Socialize lets you easily bookmark/share websites on various social networks like Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon and Twitter.

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Tweecious Requer reinicialização

Listening to your twitter feed and submitting all the links to your delicious account

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LongURL Mobile Expander Requer reinicialização

You should always know where a link takes you before clicking on it. Services like make that difficult. LongURL Mobile Expander uses the web services to let you know where shortened links *really* go.

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Tweetbeat Firsthand Requer reinicialização

See what the people you’re reading about have to say for themselves! This simple yet powerful utility brings in recent tweets from people and groups mentioned in the page you’re on. Just mouse-over the little blue icons to see firsthand updates.

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People Lookup Requer reinicialização

Quickly look people up by highlighting their full name on a page and then right-clicking to search for them across Google, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Facebook, and more

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Social Friend Finder (SFF) Requer reinicialização

Search for people in multiple social networking sites at once!

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Twitter Toolbar - All-in-one Internet Search Requer reinicialização

Twitter + Facebook - All-in-one Internet Search Toolbar Extension - Download Now - Free & Unlimited - "A must have add-on for Firefox."

(End-to-End Encryption)
(True SSL, TLS, & PFS)
Binary App Dev

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Akonter Submit & Share Buttons Requer reinicialização

Let you quickly save favorites online or share business, shopping, marketing and services bookmarks easily to or share them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or use them as social homepage buttons in Mozilla Firefox start page.

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Androjine Live Extension

Ne manquez plus un seul de mes lives sur Twich :)

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Better Twitter (Web Extension)

Add link to Players Card and change Twitter players, and put "real" links where it's possible without any request.

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Tweet Context Requer reinicialização

Tweet anything from context menu.

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OldSpice Twitter Drop Shadow Requer reinicialização

Adds a drop shadow to any tweet or Facebook post by OldSpice

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New Tweets

Display the number of unread tweets over a Twitter tab's favicon.

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