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BlockSite Requer reinicialização

BlockSite is an extension, which automagically blocks websites of your choice. Additionally, this extension will disable all hyperlinks to these websites, by just displaying the link text without the clicking functionality.

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195.159 usuários

Image Block Requer reinicialização

Image Block adds a toggle button that conditionally blocks/allows loading of images on webpages. Blocking images results in faster browsing, especially helpful on handheld devices or slower connections.

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69.354 usuários

FoxFilter Requer reinicialização

Recently called "THE Parental Control for Firefox"! FoxFilter is a personal content filter that helps block pornographic and other inappropriate content. All filtering features are free! Premium features available with small support fee.

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17.079 usuários

Controle dos Pais: Bloqueador de Porno

Aplicação de controle parental que nega o acesso a sites pornográficos. Usa um analisador semântico que analisa e bloqueia todos os tipos de conteúdo adulto.

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3.011 usuários

Message Seen Disable for Facebook™

Message Seen Disable for Facebook™ lets you turn off Facebook™'s Message Seen feature automatically for your account. You can still use Seen feature for others.

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6.813 usuários

CensureBlock Requer reinicialização

This addon blocks sites containing pornographic materials.

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27.912 usuários

Silent Block

Minimum and fast URL blocker.

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5.034 usuários

AdvertBan Requer reinicialização

Blocks ads, popups, cookie trackers and spyware on the web, including ads on Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, Google Search and popular news sites. Works faster than competing addons. Extremely simple and light, so even your grandma can deal with AdvertBan

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7.085 usuários

AlertStopper Requer reinicialização

"Google Chrome"-like option for blocking repetitive alert(), confirm() and prompt() dialogs. Gets rid of spam dialogs and other infinite loops!

With AlertStopper, dissipate your JavaScript dialogs problems instantly!

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849 usuários

Kitten Block Requer reinicialização

Replaces the angry-making Daily Mail and Daily Express websites with a soothing selection of tea and kittens from

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1.142 usuários

Grooveshark Unlocker Requer reinicialização

Unlocks Grooveshark in your country.
NEW: works without a proxy!

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7.256 usuários

YouTube Music MP3 Download Converter Requer reinicialização

You can Download every YouTube Videos to an MP3 Audio-File with this Addon. It's very simple to use and you we'll enjoy it.

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447 usuários


Blocks *all* images and *all* videos by default.

This extension is *one part* of Pluckeye.

If you want to block all browsers, install all of Pluckeye from . You'll also get whitelisting, scheduled access, and more.

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196 usuários

QuickImage Requer reinicialização

Allow, block or prevent third-party images from loading via button in the Status Toolbar or alternatively add a button to the Navigation Toolbar.

Avaliado em 4 de 5 estrelas (35)
443 usuários's-FireRupert-Android

Catch requests to over 100 websites owned by Rupert Murdoch and warn before proceeding, then offer the choice to: go back, view Google's cache of the page, search Google for similar pages, or allow the page for a set amount of time.

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Flashblock Ultimate Alt Zero Requer reinicialização

This extention allow to remove focus from embedded flash object by pressing Ctrl+Esc or Ctrl+F12 (see mozilla superbug: 78414) and move focus back by Alt+Esc or Alt+F12

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54 usuários

clearHTTPStatus Requer reinicialização

Prevents abusing of HTTP status code.
1. It works in the background and does not need any user interaction.
2. Prevents a malicious site from performing a cross-domain discovery of the sites current user logged in.

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63 usuários

OnlyMySites Requer reinicialização

Allows access only to my sites.

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